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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Last Class is Technology. Maybe I Can Learn Me Some Internets

I'm in my last class. I hate it, because it is an introductory course and irritating. I love it, because occasionally I can play with my camera and call it homework.

EDT 612 webquest assignment 025 2

EDT 612 bee picture

But I hate it, because it's time consuming in a way that doesn't normally involve a camera.

At least I got to go to the coast this weekend and see birds and wild boars having dinner.

Bryan and Matagorda 009 2

Bryan and Matagorda 012 2

Bryan and Matagorda 045 2

And My Guy's ball game.

cbe ball game 043 2

And bake hamentashen cookies.

When I posted about Go Texan Day, Bruce (from Hypocrisy) was trying to reconcile the whole Cowboy Texan Jew thing.

If thinking Kinky Friedman doesn't do the trick, what about jalapeño jelly filled hamentashen?


I tried s'mores flavor and some with peanut butter and chocolate this year too.

Back to work on my class! I need to go learn me how to do stuff on the internets.

Happy week everyone!


The Ceol Mors said...

Ooh Hame- hamen- hament- whatever they are cookies! Yum!!

Nicki said...

Getting the opportunity to play on the internet and possibly squeeze in a little camera time sounds better than that mammoth paper you recently had to write. As for jalapeño jelly filled hamentashen cookies - err, I'd pass - I think, I don't know... I struggle on the jalapeño part, but drool at the sight of the cookies.

Slyde said...

hey! i want to try a Hamejeke3u23k32kweam cookie too!

Marlene said...

Those cookies look delish!! You got some great shots of those birds, too.

Here's to an easy going class!

Samantha said...

Mmm... I love hamentaschen, and those look awesome! Good luck in your class!

Tracy said...

Those cookies look soooooo good.
Whatever you put in it, call it a cookie I'll eat it, lol.
You should ace this class.

Reds said...

Could go for one of these cookies right now!! And great shots of the birds!

Jill said...

Cid & Slyde - I think there's still one left...

Nicki - Yeah no kidding!!!!!

Thanks Marlene & Samantha!

Thanks Tracy - I'm hoping! So far it's just nothing difficult, but just staring at the computer for way too many hours.

Thanks Reds!

Suzy said...

Love that you can use your camera for homework! Nice captures!

Arizaphale said...

How ironic that you are having to learn to do stuff on the internet. You should top this class anyway.

Leilani said...

Beautiful shots! Love the ones of the birds!

Jill said...

Thanks Suzy!

Arizaphale - Yeah, it's funny but my last project is more or less like a multi-page blog. Every bit as frustrating to find typos in, but not difficult by any stretch of the imagination!

Thank you Leilani!

Thalassa said...

Yea for hamentashen!!! Huzzah! I love the idea of stuffing them full of jalapeno jelly... Shalom, y'all!

Jill said...

Thanks Thalassa! I made another batch of the jalepeño yesterday and sent my Jewish boy off to give a few to the Muslim neighbor...


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