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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I don't need a vacuum cleaner anymore

I don't need a vacuum cleaner anymore. I have this now instead:

She is guaranteed to find and eat every last piece of lint, dirt, dust bunny or other filth.

And she's lightening fast! Just yesterday I removed a door stopper thingy and a nickel from her mouth, not to mention all of the above listed items.

You wouldn't think someone so sweet looking would be capable of such crimes, would you? Well, to be honest, she looks like this more of the time:

And that's our "Here Comes Trouble" face for the day!


MarkD60 said...

How convenient! Not needing a vacuum cleaner anymore. Can I borrow her sometime? Our house is a mess!

The Gardencat said...

What a little cutie.
The vacuum cleaner substitute doesn't work that well though, you may not have to vacuum, but you do have to follow them around all day 'emptying' them and if you miss getting something out, in time, you risk spending 6 hours at the ER having them checked out. LOL

The Ceol Mors said...

Baby L is positively scrumptious!! I love her sweet smile and boy can I see your mom's smile in hers. So, so sweet.

As to eating lint and filth, it could be worse.When Maura was about L's age, she managed to pluck a nugget out of the cat box and pop it in her mouth as I watched in horror. I refrained from washing her mouth with Lysol but I was quoted as lamenting "my baby is a shit eater". Maura is horrified that I not only remember this but have no issues with sharing it with others. Only as a warning...

Arizaphale said...

ove that last comment! BAHAHAHAH!!! Baby L has a ways to go it seems in the garbage disposal ranks. And btw...she is even MORE edible than she was 3 months ago. Unlike the nickel.

Nicki said...

Good grief is she growing and getting more and more adorable by the day. Trouble never looked so cute.

Jill said...

Mark - she always gets really excited to be eating dirt at new places!

Garden Cat - I know! It's exhausting. And believe me, I did the 6 hours in the ER thing when I neglected to get a coin out of my boy's mouth in time.

So funny Cid!!!! L has been bound and determined to eat every grain of cat litter she can find, but so far hasn't gotten as far as a nugget. :-)

Arizaphale - Yeah she has a little ways to go. :-)

Thanks Nicki!

Tracy said...

Your little one is just to cute.
She looks to be such a happy baby.
Thank you for visiting my blog...I've missed you.
I need to catch up :)

Emiah's World said...

She's adorable. Follow me at 3isbeautiful.blogspot to hear stories about the daily life of my kiddos!


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