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Monday, September 22, 2008

Once Bitten, Twice...as ready to play with a different dog?

I saw a woman in Walgreens with a tshirt on that said, "Transtar told Ike to take a hike." I don't know who the heck Transtar is, but I'm glad SOMEONE'S standing up these natural disasters. I mean, you've got to be strict with these storms, otherwise they'll just blow things around all over the place.

That last one is looking out my bedroom window. Houston is slowly but surely coming back to life. I mean, they're coming to TAKE THE CEILING OFF my kids' room today, and I have no phone and internet is sporadic and they can't say when my son will be getting back to school and my own school still doesn't have power and we barely have any working traffic lights...but things are generally calming down.

So that's why my gal decided to liven things up by getting friendly with my friends' psycho dog Andre. They also have perfectly sweet and understanding dog named Luke who doesn't even have a hankering for child arm served up sushi style. But, not my gal's thing. Whatever.

I don't have a picture of Andre, but at least I have one of Sugar in a moving box. When Sugar first started batting at me through that hole in the box I was all, "Oh great. My boy trapped the cat in a moving box. AGAIN." But then I noticed that although Sugar was pulling the whole "cat trapped in box" routine, the back of the box was totally and completely open.

Andre can probably be just as playful when he's not chomping the daylights out of my kid's arm. I just don't happen to have a picture of it. But here's the story in my gal's own words:
so i was sitting and petting Andre who is my favorite out of Luke-and-Andre, and then i stopped petting him and all of the sudden he goes all psycho doggy on me and is all chompin' on my my arm like its a doggy bone. it hurt really badly. worse then both my ankles and even worse than the jellyfish sting. mommy really does need to make a new section for all the times we maim ourselves. here's a pic

anyway, it is just a bunch of little red dots again, but unlike the jelly sting, i have to actually be awake for all the painfulness. that and it doesn't last only 30 minutes. ow.

well that's my story. but don't worry or anything. Daniel says that Andre has had all his shots. oh yeah... Luke is my favorite out of Luke-and-Andre now. his hairdo is less cute, but he is also less psycho.


People in the Sun said...

Where was Transtar when she was playing with the psycho doggy?

Unknown said...

That looks painful hope she heals soon.

Google tells me Houston Transtar is the Greater Houston Transportation and Emergency Management Center.

Jill said...

Funny People! :-) :-) :-)

OH! SJ! Now that you mention it, I ****DO**** remember Transtar! They kept talking and talking about what a hurricane proof building transtar had during the storm and how the entrance was like a kajillion stories high and all that. No WONDER transtar has the authority to tell Ike to take a hike! I can't believe I forgot after hearing it every other sentence on the radio. Oh well. I have hurricane fatigue.

ALF said...

I hope the gal heals up well and that dog leaves her alone from now on!

Sandra Collins said...

awww that bite musty sting - hope she heals up real soon

Anonymous said...

Oh not a fan of the crazy dogs!

Unknown said...

I fixed the link in my recent post. You can now go bar-hopping in Galveston - the link even has a map :)

Christine said...

Ah, zee girrrl haz learrrned a valuable lesson. Een men, as in dogz, zee cuteness of zee hairstyle is less important zhan the stability of zee mental outlook.

Janet said...

OWWWWIE! That looks like it really hurt! I agree with your DD...you do need a new section on your blog for injuries! lol Love the cat-in-a-box picture! Very dramatic work, Sugar!

Bruce Johnson said...

We had a psycho kitty for the longest, who recently passed away. She was crazy and would growl at you while you pettered her, but would growl even more if you stopped. She was nuts, but she had more personality than all the other animals in our house combined.

Jill said...

Alf - yeah, I think she realizes she should play with the other dog from now on!

Thanks Sandra! It's healing up well!

Derek - Not so crazy about them myself (pun intended, as usual :-)

Thanks SJ - much better!

Too funny Christine!!!!!!!!!!!

Janet - I did! I put in a new section! Named for Arlo Guthrie lyrics, of course "blood and guts and veins in my teeth". :-)

Lotus - Yeah my cat Sugar is totally bipolar/full of personality (cat-ality?) like that. Luckily he's not capable of inflicting the same damage as a dog.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! I hope that nasty bite heals soon.

Jill said...

Thanks Noelia - it's doing well! I think the shot has bothered her more than the bite for the past couple days!


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