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Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm on the Wagon

KIDDING!!!!!!! I'm really IN the wagon. But The Gal took my picture and wanted me to post it.

The Gal has a job now. Can you believe someone this cute has a job?
Of course, she has teeth these days, and more hair, which she just got cut to look like this:So while The Gal was getting her hair cut, The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken and I wandered Houston's version of Chinatown. Not because that's where the gal gets her haircut (it is) but because we were meeting friends for dim sum. We saw some seriously delicious looking treats, but we passed on these "dry paste buns":
Hard to believe a guy who was willing to try cuttlefish cooked in its own ink didn't want to indulge in dry paste, isn't it? But, y'know...we didn't want to spoil our appetite for dim sum. For real.

So that's about the news from our end. They do have some great electronic signs up on the freeway that flash between "It's hurricane season" (subtext: Be afraid!!!!) and "Fill your gas tank" (subtext: Buy more stuff! More stuff makes you less afraid!!!!!!). But I haven't managed to get a photo.


Unknown said...

I like the way you kid :)

Lara Neves said...

She is awfully young to get a job, but her haircut is definitely cute.

I always love your signs. :)

Maureen said...

Those signs are so weird.

Weird cuz we don't have them up here.

For the few cars on our highways, a guy standing with a hand-lettered piece of cardboard would do just fine....

Ingrid said...

Aw, she has a JOB? I can't even deal with the first day of Kindergarten. How am I supposed to handle my kids getting jobs?!

Her hair looks super cute, and for the record...more stuff does make me less afraid. I'm very shallow like that.

Unknown said...

Well it's better to be in the wagon than falling off the wagon.

Jill said...

Thanks SJ!!!!

Lara - Yeah, the child labor laws ain't what they used to be, are they???? Kidding!

Maureen - No, I think you're right. They're just plain weird, whether you had them up there or not!

Ingrid - Aha!!!! So those hurricane signs are for YOU!!!! Don't they know you're in Maine, not Texas?!?!?!?

Ricardo - Are you certain about that one? Well, you're probably right... :-)

Anonymous said...

I always wanted a Red Flyer as a kid. The metal one. Did you like this ride more than the Motorized Beer Cooler?

YES, further proof that I recall what all goes on in your life. Plus you have those "let's get our freak on" salt 'n peppah shakers.

My guess is that something got SERIOUSLY LOST in the translation when it came to the Dry Paste Bun. Unfortunately, I have no idea what, with only LOOKING CHINESE but not speaking it.

Actually, I can't say I LOOK CHINESE as sometimes people think I'm Japanese based on my eyes and pale skin and others think I'm Korean. Japanese is the usual guess but the eyes and freckles hahahaha!

I love dim sum!! I really like the rice-in-lotus-leaves thing and the wide-rice-noodle-stuffed-with-your-choice-of-meat thing.

I liked the steamed dim sum. I know so little about Chinese cuisine I'll be at some place and be looking for a particular dish and I'll be told, "Oh, that's Shanghinese dish" or "Hakka dish"

Dim sum is like that - some places specialize in steamed and other do the deep fried stuff.

I don't know about you, but when I eat dim sum, it's all meat and fat so I'm full most of the day.

Sandra Collins said...

awesome post!

ALF said...

I love her hair cut!

People in the Sun said...

Wouldn't it be refreshing to have a road sign that said "Drink water"? Or something else that made sense. I mean, as long as these signs try to control your life, they might as well try to help.

It's a good thing that you take photos of these things, because otherwise I would have thought it was in your head.

Bruce Johnson said...

Just put the word Sushi in front of it.....and I will eat it.

Unknown said...

Ms.Q - That was only my second time for dim sum. But yeah, I sort of ate myself sick I think. It's confusing because you never know really how much you eat. I usually look at an entire plate of food in a restaurant and make a quick plan of how much I plan on taking home.

There were some REALLY funny translations there, but that was the only picture I could get.

I don't think I'd even be able to venture a guess on Chinese/Japanese/Korean. I've always sort of wondering how definitive the features/characteristics are though.

Thanks Sandra & Alf!

Good thinking People! Would that it could be true...

Lotus - No, no DIM SUM!!! :-)


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