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Monday, September 15, 2008

We Don't Like Ike

But we do want pictures.

They told us to hunker (and hunker and hunker). And we hunkered with the best of them. Look, here are my kids a hunkerin':Even though Hurricane Ike caused the windows to whine louder than any dog, you may notice that they’re sound asleep.

Here’s my guy a hunkerin’ by candlelight: He's awake. It’s not as easy to sleep through a hurricane after a certain age I suppose.

We hunkered and we hunkered and we hunkered. My boy wanted to hunker in the closet. Sleeping in the closet seemed like a fairly safe bet, since the closet had no windows and no outside wall.

I was glad he hunkered on the floor right next to me instead though, because what the closet DID have (unbeknownst to us) was attic access. Somehow or other there was enough of a change in pressure that the closet door popped off in the night. Here's my gal surveying from Razor's patio:The courtyard outside our apartment:

At the end of my block:
Of course there are trees down and bayous up:

That's the path we walk on near Razor's.

Anyone for a picnic? I hear the water keeps the ants away:
A gas station near where we're supposed to be buying a house in two weeks:The house is still there. We checked.

A couple more pictures from around my neighborhood:
This was my favorite sign:‘Cause we don’t want grouchy people drivin’ through these floods. Never mind all the debris; driving grouchy is the real danger ‘round here.


Janet said...

Holy cow! First, great job hunkering. That's the best hunkering I've seen. Although I've never seen pictures of actual hunkering ppl before. That closet thing is quite amazing, and pretty freaky. Sounds like Houston is a real mess. Hope things get back to normal soon.

Congrats on the house! That's pretty exciting!

Ingrid said...

WOW! Are those roofing tiles in those pics all over the ground? And I didn't know you were buying a house! Congratulations!

So glad you and the family made it through the storm. REALLY glad your son didn't end up camping out in the closet w/attic access!

Unknown said...

I am glad you hunkered well and are safe.

Christine said...

I guess the real thing to be glad about is: you were not planning to buy that gas station.

Lara Neves said...

Wow! It always leaves me in awe what Mother Nature is capable of.

I'm glad your hunkering kept you safe!

Unknown said...

My goodness!! Glad you're OK and were able to give us these pictures of the destruction. From what I saw on TV it was REALLY bad. And the door popping off, that's crazy.

ALF said...

Wow - glad to hear you're alright!

Ms. Florida Transplant said...

Wow, glad to see you made it out okay!

RW said...

I just glad you guys are all right! Thanks for sharing those are very vivid photos!!

Jill said...

Thanks Janet! Yeah, the closet was freaky. We couldn't figure out what had made that noise, but didn't really bother checking it out right away.

Ingrid - Yeah, that's the roof. I was VERY glad he didn't huker in the closet.

Thanks SJ & Alf & Lara & Ms. Florida Transplant & Roger!

No kidding, huh Christine?!?

Ricardo - Yeah, it wasn't fun, but we're luckier than most. At least we got electricity back quickly. Most people still don't have it.

Anonymous said...

Good thing your boy wasn't a-hunkering in the closet and that was a bit freaky!

What did your guy think about your comment about "after a certain age"??

And what did he think about your sharing a shot of him in his underwear? I know he's a-hunkering but out of context he could be parked in front of the TV with a beer next to him.

Anyways, you know I'm a fan of Razor. Just a fan. Not a groupie or anything. :D

Glad you're okay (working my way backwards through your posts) and keeping your spirits up!

Unknown said...

Ms.Q - Not sure what he thought about that. I'm not even sure what that certain age IS, because his daughter (age 20) actually slept through the entire thing quite nicely!

The photo - I think he's concerned about having his FACE on the internet. The underwear not so much I guess. *shrug shrug* It is sort of a funny picture of him - not typical that is. My cousin saw it & was all, "What happened to him?!?!?!" Ike. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I did notice you blurred his face in the shingle shot and the "it's a water bottle not a beer" shot isn't how I think of him (I recall an earlier no face shot of him on the beach in jeans - much more Razor-like).

But yeah, who looks like themselves after a hurricane?

Jill said...

"But yeah, who looks like themselves after a hurricane?"

Oh NO Ms.Q!!!! I took that picture totally MID hurricane!!!!! He's sitting there with his water not beer bottle while the apartment was SHAKING and the windows where whining!

Yes, the beach picture is much more typical. :-)


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