Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Not So Wordless Not Even Wednesday - Washing Up

Yet again, I didn't manage wordless. I didn't even manage Wednesday. But that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Washing out the coffee pot:

For some reason I thought by the time this kid was age four I'd be done saying things like, "Do NOT lick the mirror!"

I'm not.

No, the only difference between now and when she was one or two is that now I get answers like, "But spit will make it nice and shiny!"

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wordless Wednesday - Flower Crown

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Sunday, September 04, 2016

On the Never-Ending Search for Homemade Nutella

Hello people! Blogger tells me there are still some of you here even though I haven't posted in forever and a half.

We did get my boy off to college. He's been there two weeks and we've heard from him more in that time than the previous two years put together.

This is right before he left:

Meanwhile the Head of Demolition started a new year of preschool:

She went with clothes on and a clean face though.

My project lately has been trying to figure out homemade Nutella. Because they served it to the kid at day camp and she loved it. But I'm pretty sure that if you read the ingredients of Nutella, your eyes pop out of your head and you get heart disease and cancer simultaneously.

And that's why people who eat serious amounts of Nutella never read the ingredients list. Hopefully.

I tried this recipe and this recipe. And my problem is, it congeals both ways and turns into more of a butter than a dip. And then the kid claims it's "too sweet", which I think is her way of saying the texture is wrong. So I'm still working on a  good recipe.

Here's a picture of the kid playing a board game. All of these pictures have been on Facebook before, so apologies if you're seeing them twice.

That's about it from around here - happy long weekend everyone!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Giving away one cute four year old. Oh no, no NO WAIT! I meant update on the four year old, reports on random giveaways...

Hello internets! (If there's anyone left reading here, that is). In case you didn't notice, I did not post a thing for four whole months. Then my good for nothing cat kicked the bucket and of course I had to honor him with a post, because despite being a pain in the neck a lot of the time, I did really, really love that bag of bones fur-ball.

My point is, I have been kind of deciding whether to continue this blog at all. Back when I started it a decade ago, I had a good old time posting silly signs. But these days everyone is already posting the same type of thing on Facebook so why click all the way to a blog?

I like having recipe posts up because it's easy to send a recipe to friend or my children and they do get a TON of views. But...recipes are not that fun to post.

So for today I just decided on a little family update and a giveaway review.

Family update: we are fighting fruit flies like crazy, my boy got his license, and the Head of Demolition, Little Miss Four Years Old has strep and possibly hand, foot & mouth disease.

Still cute though, no?

Now onto the giveaway review. Once upon a time my now 21 year old wanted to win a jacket online. I told her, "No one wins that stuff!" But I was wrong. She won a beautiful teal jacket that she loved for many years.

Ever since I have been AMAZED at how much stuff gets given away over the internet. And yeah sure every now and then there's a scandal and maybe actually someone didn't win something. But mostly, there's just a ton of bloggers and social media influences out there hoping that if they give away enough stuff, you'll follow them on Facebook or whatever.

I've won a couple Amazon cards, some books, a cheese plate, and a bunch of fabric that I ended up giving to Goodwill because I forgot when I entered the giveaway that I don't actually sew.

In any case, here are a couple I saw this week that I thought were interesting:

- Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera (plus a lightbox and some kind of start up photo course)

Canon camera giveaway

- Lego (or Lego compatible?) Star Trek Enterprise building set

Lego Star Trek giveaway

The silliest giveaway I've seen this week is one for 2000 Flushes (plus a $25 Walmart gift card).

toilet cleaner and gift card giveaway

And of course, you can still find so many, many other giveaways to enter (or links for your own giveaway) on my giveaway page.

DISCLAIMER: First off, the three giveaway pictures are NOT mine (they came from Pixabay) and do NOT show the actual prize. Secondly, I am NOT running any of these giveaways. They are just the most interesting ones I happened to see while I was looking around (I mean 2000 Flushes!). I am not responsible for providing the prizes nor are the giveaways associated with me in any way, shape or form. So please don't sue me.



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