Friday, July 24, 2015

I try and keep seriousness to a bare minimum around here...

So I'm over at Mom Babble today talking about all the various ways I've screwed up my kids! JUST KIDDING!  I hope I'm not screwing them up TOO very badly, now...there are kind of a lot of them...

Seriously though, I'm mostly over on Mom Babble talking about the difference in raising kids 17 years apart.  (Now if only I were as good at it as I sound over there.)

In any case,  CLICK HERE to read, or just click the photo!

On a totally different note, a TON of people have asked me about the giant bubble wand from my Wordless Wednesday post this week.

Unfortunately I'm pretty sure my parents bought it for my kids about 15 years ago at a children's museum in Vermont that no longer has a bubble exhibit.

But here's an Amazon Affiliate link to a similar product:

Giant Bubble Wand (affiliate link)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm Not Tired of Everything Being Beautiful, Beautiful

Oh muh DOSH!  Iss donna be SO BEE-YOO-LIH-FULL!!!!!
(Oh my gosh! It's going to be SO BEAUTIFUL!) 
~ The Head of Demolition, on every craft project that has ever existed

To misquote Bob Dylan and the Band (affiliate link - begrudge me if you may, but I'll make like a three cent finder's fee if you click and buy), I'm NOT tired of everything being "bee-yoo'-lih-full, bee-yoo'-lih-full" and I don't think I ever could be.

Three is a nice age, though I'm totally getting where the whole "Threenager" concept comes in.  I do get tired of being ordered around by the little despot. The orders come fast and furious.  Prompts elicit an exasperated "puh-LEEZ!"

And we wait in vain for a bedtime that doesn't involve 753 delay tactics followed by and/or combined with lots and lots of screaming.  But, in general, everything is bee-yoo'-lih-full, bee-yoo'-lih-ful around here.  Who could argue with that smile?

Meanwhile, I received a copy of my own book yesterday! 

The kid is enchanted, and full of "I wanna do dat one and dat one and dat one!" 

Learn With Play: 150+ Activities for kids

The surgeon general has NOT determined that this book will turn a threenager, a terrible two, or an f'ing four or five into pleasant child flitting through fields of educational rainbows, unicorns, and monster trucks.  But still...worth a shot, right?!?

(More affiliate links.  Please do your best not to sue me.  The three cents probably won't cover that.)

Kindle Version - $14.95 (affiliate link)
Print version $29.95 (affiliate link) 

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