Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On putting stuff in the "wetter" and moving (we hope)

Hello Blogsville! How goes everything?

Here we are getting ready to move, so everything has been crazy and hectic but in a good way. If all goes as planned we will be moving at the beginning of March down from a five bedroom house to only a two bedroom place.

To that end, we've been selling and giving away as many of our possessions as we can possibly part with. So when I've picked up my camera at all these days, it's to post items for sale.

Like see? This pretty bedroom set:

If you can come pick it up outside of Houston, it's yours for the taking. Well...buying really. It comes with a nightstand too of course.

Meanwhile the Head of Demolition has been up to her usual.

Me - "That's all I can think of off the top of my head."
Her - What can you think of from the bottom of you?"

And last time I put a blouse through the dryer on accident:

Her - "What's the matter?"
Me - "I didn't mean to put that in the dryer!"
Her - "You only meant to put it in the wetter?"

Here's the picture I get of the kid when I tell her I'll give her some chocolate chips for sitting still:

And here's what she looks like in real life:

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Puppy Pads - The Perfect Wedding Gift

Hello Blogsilvania! Happy New Year to all!

Here we are getting ready to put our house on the market (It's all yours if you want it!) and that includes getting rid of a lot of stuff.

It's interesting selling things on Facebook. I'm finding out a lot of surprising things like, "People are flakes!" I don't know how many people have told me they're coming only for them to not show up, or show up an hour later than they said they would.

But the most surprising thing is what does and doesn't sell.

Bikes sell.

People do NOT want bone china. Apparently.

And they don't want silver plated anything either.

My dad says this is because everyone gets silver plated stuff for their wedding and they don't know what to do with it. I can tell you what NOT to do with it, and that's sell it on Facebook.

But I'll tell you something I know people need for certain. Giant Lego head sorters. And puppy pads. People are all over puppy pads.

So my advice is, next time you need a wedding gift, puppy pads are definitely the way to go. You're welcome.


Monday, December 05, 2016

Do Not Climb On Top of the Colossal Colon

I was searching through some old pictures and decided it was time for an old-timey type blog post. So here's some stuff I've seen around town lately!

I have a strict policy against climbing on colons anyway, so this sign didn't really apply to me:

It's so comforting to know that the future of our dumpsters is in good hands:

I pulled over right away. Of course. Because it says to sell them TODAY. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today!

I hate it when I accidentally flush my hopes and dreams.

Is this supposed to make me want to buy my child the doll?

I've always wanted to name streets. Like why would this one be named "Way Out West" when it's in the middle of the fourth biggest city in the US? I've always thought streets in Houston should be named more realistically like, "Ant Hill View Drive" or "Cockroach Acres Lane."

This is outside my dentist's office. I don't know why.

I don't understand. I didn't think people made appointments for ambulances. I thought, you call them and they come. In any case, pretty much if I'm shopping for ambulance service, I want promptness to be a given.

Those are some expensive roses and beef tenderloin. I'm pretty sure I pay less than that for chicken too. Decimal points are so useful.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meet Nimue The Bathroom Cat

This is Nimue the Bathroom Cat, formerly known as "That Cat You Never Talk About". He didn't start life as a Bathroom Cat, but we ended up confining him to the restroom because he started peeing everywhere in the entire house (precipitating the entire kitchen renovation).

Once we confined him to the bathroom, he more or less stopped peeing on everything. Not only that but he actually LIKES living in the bathroom. How do we know, you ask?

Because one night last weekend we accidentally left the bathroom door open all night. In the morning we worried that he would be elsewhere in the house, peeing on the new carpet or something. Nope. He was still in the bathroom after an entire night of potential freedom.

So see? He likes it there. He's a genuine Bathroom Cat.

Stay tuned next time when Nimue the Bathroom Cat makes the treacherous journey from basket in the closet to under the bathroom counter!

Link up your own Wordless Wednesday here! Even if it has those pesky words in it.


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