Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baby Needs Bacon T-Shirt Giveaway

Once upon a time an old high school friend of mine launched a business (and thus a Facebook page) called Baby Needs Bacon. For whatever reason, Facebook was nice enough to provide his opening post in my feed.

I don't really eat bacon. I'm not against it or anything. It's just that we don't eat out for breakfast all that often and far be it from me to learn to cook it myself. Bacon's just not part of day to day existence.

Still, when I saw my old friend post Baby Needs Bacon I thought, "Well that's just silly enough for my page! I think I'll try and help him out by sharing his post."

And guess what?!?!? It turns out that it either was silly enough or people who subscribe to my Facebook page REALLY like bacon.

I was shocked because usually my Facebook reach is squat. But I started thinking, "I'm pretty good at doing giveaways. Maybe I can help them that way!"

And so this giveaway was born! And look! Here's a picture of my kid wearing their size 4T t-shirt, which they're just now launching!

EVEN THOUGH she has never eaten a slice of bacon in all her born days.

I just love it.

Now if you've hung around with me at all over here on this blog, you probably know how this all works. You just click and stuff and SOMEONE will get a FREE Baby Needs Bacon T-Shirt, in the color and size of choice.

I know you're all clamoring for it because apparently people who hang out with me online love their bacon! CLICK HERE and good luck!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wordless Wednesday - Moving with Four Year Old

Happy Wordless Wednesday everyone! Seeing as how I never post any more except for Wordless Wednesday, I figured I better put some words on here. 

Here's my kid, just doing the usual.

And here she is again, happy with her first ever Jamberries. 

What I really need for her though is some kind of special laundry detergent that focuses on removing chocolate, so I don't have to pre-treat every last one of her outfits.


I admit it.

I need that special type of detergent for my clothes too.

We're still plodding along toward moving. It's getting emptier around here. We have one room all the way "done"! Now, if we could just get the other four bedrooms and the rest of the house looking like this, we'd be all set.

That's about all the news from here. Looking for more Wordless Wednesday?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wordless Wednesday at the Women's March Houston

My phone died about seven seconds after arriving at the Women's March, Houston. So not only are these the only photos I could get, but they are cell phone pics to boot. But anyway...here we were:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On putting stuff in the "wetter" and moving (we hope)

Hello Blogsville! How goes everything?

Here we are getting ready to move, so everything has been crazy and hectic but in a good way. If all goes as planned we will be moving at the beginning of March down from a five bedroom house to only a two bedroom place.

To that end, we've been selling and giving away as many of our possessions as we can possibly part with. So when I've picked up my camera at all these days, it's to post items for sale.

Like see? This pretty bedroom set:

If you can come pick it up outside of Houston, it's yours for the taking. Well...buying really. It comes with a nightstand too of course.

Meanwhile the Head of Demolition has been up to her usual.

Me - "That's all I can think of off the top of my head."
Her - What can you think of from the bottom of you?"

And last time I put a blouse through the dryer on accident:

Her - "What's the matter?"
Me - "I didn't mean to put that in the dryer!"
Her - "You only meant to put it in the wetter?"

Here's the picture I get of the kid when I tell her I'll give her some chocolate chips for sitting still:

And here's what she looks like in real life:


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