Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cozy Kitchen Scrapbooking Kit

Hello Pixel Scrapper visitors! Plus anyone else who has accidentally found his or her way here. The free digital download has expired and is now offered very reasonably here.

In fact, if I offered it any more reasonably, I'd pretty much have to pay Etsy for you to take it. But whatever. I was just starting out when I made this one so I figure it should be a bargain.

I am awfully proud of myself for having produced my second ever blog train contribution for Pixel Scrapper! But first, I can't blog without a picture of the Head of Demolition. 

The big news around here is that this kid has up and gone to kindergarten!

Uniform and all! This free scrapbook kit has expired but is now available in an Etsy shop for next to nothing!

Happy scrapping everyone!


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