Thursday, August 08, 2013

My Baby Has a Longer Attention Span Than I Do

Me to the Boogaloo - "I'm all done putting your clothes away. Now Mama's going to go to the bathroom."

Me to Boogaloo - "We should pick up your books real quick. They're all over the place."

Me - Pauses to pick up books and then figures out the baby is nowhere to be found. Remembers that she needed a diaper change.

Me - "Where's the baby? Where is that pooey diaper? I need a poopey diaper to change! I'm looking for pooey!"

Me - "Oh there you are! In the bathroom! Why are you in there? Oh yeah...I said I was going to go to the bathroom, didn't I?"

It turns out she's a better dancer than me too:

Friday, August 02, 2013

Do You Suppose the Plumber Gives a Discount for Multiple Disposal Purchases? You Know, for People Who Break a Lot of Glass? Into the Disposal...Where it Burns out the Motor...

We're happy around here even though we've had two ER visits within a week and a half of each other. As you can tell from this picture, eating the glass didn't bother the Boogaloo any. In fact it was so delicious that she decided eating the handle of my hammer would be a great idea too.

Remember I said I break a LOT of glasses? Well this time I just looked into the sink and there it was, another broken glass. But I rooted around in our brand new disposal trying to collect all the glass, rather than burning out the motor the way I did the last time. I'm pretty sure this time was attempted suicide.

Did I mention that jigsaw puzzles are not my favorite? Neither is digging my hand around old-food-covered sharp blades in dark places.

So anyway, we had yet another hospital visit as The-Guy caught a cold and had allergies that overstayed their welcome.

There's not so much to do for a 14 month old for two days straight in a hospital room.

Once they had his oxygen levels up, Dad got a little bored too, to tell the truth.

But everyone's all fixed now and ready for some hospital free time.

In hats and boots of course.


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