Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Just Waiting Around for a Baby So I Can Get Even Less Sleep Than I do Now. Which is Like...None.

I can't really explain my absence besides being a really poor excuse for a pregnant person. I've sat down to post many times but instead succumbed to sheer exhaustion. Please excuse the little pictures of flowers in this post. For some reason, blogger is no longer letting me space paragraphs the way I want to and I'm tired of trying to figure out why not.
Anyway, since I'm hardly going anywhere except home and work, I haven't seen so many signs.
They did open a foot message place though:
And so that's probably nice for people with icky feet to have a special place to go. Or maybe they just say "Ew" to all feet in general. Who knows?

And remember this place with the helpful visual aid about the end of time and all the required math that goes with it?

It turns out they're having an "End Time Revival"!
Which just begs all kinds of questions like..."Is it really the end if it can be revived? Doesn't that make it not the end?" And maybe even more importantly, "Do you still have to do all that math?"
Meanwhile the new-baby-to-be has spent the past five days getting a few more things off her in-womb check off list. Such as, she's been in a THIRD car accident (someone backed into The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken's car) and been in another carbon monoxide evacuation. Baby should be making an appearance around here sometime between now and a month from now, but hopefully closer to now.


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