Saturday, March 08, 2014

They Forgot to Mail Us the Jewish Catholic Texan Gulf Coast Calendar

Me- When is Lent?

The-Guy - ?

Me - You know. Lent? Like, when does it start?

The-Guy - Lent? It was already Lent. Because it was Fat Tuesday.

Me - And then it was Ash Wednesday and then it was Lent?

Him - Yes. Ash Wednesday.

Me - AW MAN!
Me - So that means we missed Mardi Gras Galveston!
Me - How did it get to be so early?
Me - It's not even Purim yet.
Me - How did it already get to be Lent? We missed it right? How did that happen?

Him - We're Jewish.

Me - Oh. Right.

At least we didn't miss Rodeo!

Some guy in a hat. Made of beer cans:


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