Sunday, November 26, 2006

And Quit Sucker Punching the Third Graders!

My kids, my cousin's son Zachary, and I arrive home from a weekend retreat earlier this month. We 're picked up from the bus stop by my cousin Marla, Zach's mom. Zach had been a councilor in Jared's bunk for the weekend. Jared also has a Sunday school friend named Zachary who also is in the third grade and who happened to have punched Jared in the face on the bus ride home.

As we pulled out Marla asked, "What was your favorite part of the weekend?" The kids were apparently too exhausted to answer, so I turn to Jared and offer jokingly, "Getting punched in the face by Zachary?!?!"

Marla sounds as if she has been punched herself as she exclaims, "WHAT!!!!!!?????!!!!!!" And I, having quickly realized my mistake blurt, "Oh no! Not YOUR Zachary! Jared's FRIEND Zachary!"

Zachary calmly points out, "You just gave my mom a little heart attack."

To which I can't help but reply, "Yeah Zach! Quit sucker punching the third graders!" What kind of religious retreat is this, anyway?!?


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