Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Digital Scrapbooking Shabbat Set and Glip Glop

Hello people! Shabbat Set digital scrapbooking set now available here.

Here it has been six years and the Head of Demolition just now figured out that lip gloss is not called "glip glop". She's not entirely sure what it IS called but it's either glip gloss or lip glop. Far be it from me to weigh in on this debate.

Now, as if there weren't few enough people in the world who scrapbook digitally, I have made a Shabbat set for this month's Pixel Scrapper blog train.

I'm certain there must be at least three people in the world who can use it. And if it's you, I would love to hear about it in the comments just because.

Please download here OR click on the preview photo. (Free download has expired. This is available at my TPT store)

Monday, October 01, 2018

Dinosaurs - Get 'Em While They're Hot! Or Free. Or Something. Anyway they're downloadable and free for at least all of October.

The free download has expired but is available very reasonably here

If you came here for the free downloadable scrapbooking kit you have to look at the happy kindergartener first:

That's just the way it is. We're all pretty pleased with how kindergarten is turning out. Except for the 7:30 am start time. We could live without that part.

Meantime, who knew I could draw an actual dinosaur? These felt elements are very forgiving that way. You can download the kit  here or by clicking on the preview for at least all of October 2018. (Free download has expired. This is available on Etsy)

free scrapbooking kitProbably I should have considered a few non-dinosaury elements for those who just liked this month's color choices but...this is only my third time making a kit so what do I know? Hope you enjoy and that it works the first time for a change!

Get a bunch more free downloads with the "I Dig It" theme at this month's Pixel Scrapper Blog Train!


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