Monday, February 19, 2007

Do it for YOU!!!!!!!!!

Say what you want about Denise Austin (I always do), but she’s been my most reliable and convenient work out buddy to date. (I love walking the bayou with you Annette, but getting you to show up in my bedroom at the push of a button has been near impossible…)

I’ve been told she’s older than dirt, at least for someone running around Lifetime TV in a sports bra. Whatever her age, she’s apparently ok for parading near naked on cable TV, a point not lost on her camera crew, apparently, since they’ve often got a chest close-up just when I need to see exactly what she’s doing with her legs.

If you can stand someone who can be that insanely happy at six am, stomach the ever present hokey smile and rapid fire veggier-than-thou instructions, I highly recommend both her morning workouts. Besides, where else can someone who otherwise takes such pains to isolate herself from pop culture learn that Demi Moore recommends vitamins?

Recently she seems to have given up these enthusiastic instructions: “Eat healthy 80% of the time and have treats 20% of the time! That’s what I do!!” Perhaps it occurred to her at some point that most people can’t spend 20% of their time eating treats and still look like her…or maybe she has a different just has a whole ‘nother definition of “treats”.

I find her easiest to digest when I turn the volume down very low and put on other music at the same time, allowing the most animated comments to pass me right by, only listening in when she begins to spout actual, useful health information.

I’m so proud of me!!!!!!!! I did for ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, at any rate, I sure am happy to be reunited with my pal Denise. Hokey or not, she gives a great workout. Thanks for recording them for me dad!


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