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The New SATs: What You Need to Know - 713 Words

The digital SAT is undergoing its biggest change in history as it moves from a paper test to a digital one. To find out what parents need to know about this change, I interviewed Brian W. Stewart, M.Ed., founder and president of BWS Education Consulting, Inc. and author of the book Barron's Digital SAT Study Guide Premium, 2024.


Nine Ways Art Benefits Children - 

Parents may be hesitant to drag out the arts and craft materials - it makes such a mess! This article explores why it's definitely worth it to open up these opportunities to children and get them creating.

The Allowance Debate - 677 Words

Many parents believe that offering an allowance helps children learn important financial lessons. Others believe an allowance might be detrimental. Experts on the subject are similarly divided. This article gives an overview of the factors parents should consider when making a decision about whether or not to offer an allowance.  

An Age-Appropriate Guide to Manners - 722 Words

Most parents hope to raise children who are a pleasure to be around, the type of child who takes others into account and who uses common courtesy. How do we lay the foundations for the behavior we expect from our children when it comes to manners and etiquette? This article gives parents a framework for what to expect from each age group from toddler to teenager.

Speak Your Child's Love Language - 989 Words

Parents want their children to feel loved, accepted, and appreciated. But they may not know that the same five love languages that adults use to receive and express love can also have a use in parenting.  My article explains how parents can determine their child's love language. It provides examples and suggestions for each language, allowing parents to communicate their love in a concrete way.

Boost Your Child's Language Skills - 767 Words

This article gives parents an understanding of how their child's language and literacy skills are linked, as well as providing concrete ways to help their children's language improve.

A Beginner's Guide to Geocaching (Free Family Fun) - 609 Words

Parents are always interested in ways to have educational family fun together. My article can help families learn the basics of Geocaching, an active outdoor activity available almost anywhere in the world for free.

Eight Ways to Connect with Grandparents Long Distance - 678 Words

Many grandparents want to develop a close relationship with their grandchildren but do not get to see them in person on a regular basis. My article gives eight ways parents can keep their children connected with their grandparents from a distance. Whether they are just down the block or across the world, parents will be able to use these ideas to help their children and parents bond.

Teaching Through Play: How Board Games Encourage Brain Development - 648 Words

Parents are doing more than making warm memories when they play board games with their children. This article explains the many educational benefits of family game night. 

10 Steps to Overcome Picky Eating - 847 Words

Food battles run rampant in parenting. Even experienced parents are always looking for ways to make mealtimes a more pleasant experience. My article helps address these problems.

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Child's Victories (Without Shooting Yourself in the Foot) - 730 Words

Many parents instinctively know that bribing their children is not the ideal way to get them to do the day to day tasks, yet it can be hard to come up with alternatives. My article helps parents negotiate the fine line between celebrating with a child and bribing them for their efforts and gives 10 concrete and healthy ways to celebrate.

A Parent's Guide to Sleepovers - 831 Words

Sleepovers can be a subject of great anxiety to even seasoned parents. In my article I answer common questions and include the advice of a clinical psychologist. 

Giving Your Child the Power of Music - 633 Words

Evidence confirms that music is great for kids (and adults!). Unfortunately not every parent can afford the time or money for music lessons. My article gives parents many ideas for incorporating more music into their children's lives without the expense and time commitment of lessons.

Ten Surprising Reasons to Give Your Child Chores - 713 Words

Giving children household chores provides many more benefits than just a helping hand for mom or dad. My original article "Ten Surprising Reasons to Give Your Child Chores" explains the benefits children gain from doing chores and will give parents reasons to persevere when children resist their chores. This article includes research from the University of Chicago and the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics as well as my own experience as a mother of four and a teacher of 13 years.

Fibbing and Fabrication: Guiding Your Child Toward Honesty - 840 Words

Parents rightfully get upset when their children lie. But all children go through a learning process when it comes to lying. My article, included below as text and available for purchase, helps parents gently guide their child through their development, giving practical tips on addressing lying and promoting honesty.

Seven Steps to More Helpful Children – 847 Words

Getting children to help with household tasks can be more exhausting than the task itself! I have used my 21 years as a parent and more than a decade as a teacher to discover ways to remedy this situation. My article titled “Seven Steps to More Helpful Children” assists parents in finding the more helpful side of their own children.

Stir It Up! Eight Benefits to Cooking with Children - 609 Words

For already hassled parents, letting children help out in the kitchen may seem like more trouble than it's worth. However, parents may be more willing to cook with their children if they understand the many benefits. 

To Bring or Not to Bring: The Etiquette of Siblings and Birthday Parties – 734 Words

Birthday parties are a time of fun and celebration. Still awkward situations can come up and frequently do! Parents may wonder whether or no it's okay to bring a sibling to a party. My article To Ask or Not to Ask: Bringing Siblings to Birthday Parties can help them figure out if they are imposing on the host or hostess. 

Catch Some Couple Time - 603 Words

Some parents are lucky enough to have family close by, grandparents ready and waiting to whisk the kids off for a weekend while their parents luxuriate in the quiet of a child free home. Others are not so lucky. This article takes a humorous look at finding that elusive time together while offering practical pointers.

Four Steps to Keeping Your Car in Tip Top Shape - 475 Words

Wondering what steps to take to keep your car running at its best? This article gives a brief rundown of how to keep it going strong.

Cell Phones in the Classroom: Friend or Foe? - Word Count 1200

As younger and younger children use cell phones schools are struggling with whether to treat them as a learning tool or an intrusion. My article gives an overview of pros and cons to allowing cell phones in the classroom as well as listing ways that parents can help teachers minimize disruptions by cell phones. As a teacher of many years myself I am well aware of how easily an entire class can be disrupted, and I have taken care in the article to present information from recent studies that parents will find useful.

Multivitamin Madness – 965 Words

Controversy on Facebook shows that when it comes to vitamins and supplements, parents are as confused as ever about whether or not they are necessary and if so which ones. When Bunmi Latidan cried out in frustration about children’s vitamins and supplements, parents identified with her plight in such numbers that 77,000 of them shared her post. In order to help shed some light on this dilemma, I interviewed Patty Martin Stewart, a dietician who also holds a Master’s in Public Health.

Set Your Child on the Path to Success by Reading Aloud – 676 Words

A recent study has come out finding that reading aloud to children is even more helpful than we previously thought. My article lists many of the benefits to cozying up with a good book and presents the latest encouraging evidence!

Taming the Stuff Monster (In the Teen Years) – 594 Words

This article offers tips both humorous and practical for dealing with children’s possessions during their teenage years and after they have left home. It is helpful to readers as their own children become teenagers particularly after they have headed off to college.

Picture This! Using Picture Books to Introduce Baby – 824 Words

Parents are often at a loss when it comes to helping their child adjust to a new baby and may not realize what a valuable resource is right at their fingertips. My article helps parents understand how they can use picture books to help their children deal with the strong emotions children have when becoming a big brother or sister. It goes on to give suggestions for nine picture books they can use to help their children.


Fall/Back to School

Six Benefits of a Faith Based School - 976 Words

Parents have many choices when it comes to choosing their child's school. This article helps parents decide whether a faith based school may be a good fit for their family.

College or Technical School? Which is Right for Your Child? - 478 Words

As college costs continue to soar, families are revisiting the idea of technical schools as a viable option to secure future success. This article looks at the benefits of both technical schools and colleges.

What You Need to Know About the Digital SAT

The SAT test is undergoing one of the biggest changes in its history. What do parents and students need to know to keep up? I spoke with Brian  Stewart, M.Ed., founder and president of BWS Education Consulting, Inc. and author of the book Barron’s Digital SAT Study Guide Premium, 2024 to find out.

Ten Things Your Child's Teacher Wishes You Knew - 704 Words

A new school year is the time for a fresh start for everyone. But what if you and your child could start the school year knowing all the teacher’s wishes for the upcoming year? It turns out you can! This article gives suggestions from a wide variety of teachers.

How to Choose the Best School for Your Child - 676 Words

The right school for one child may not be right for another. Here are some tips and considerations for parents when choosing their child's school.

How to Survive Back to School Shopping with Children  - 516 Words

Children need so many new things when the new school year starts. Even savvy shoppers may wonder where they're going to get the energy. This article give practical tips for those who love to shop as well as those who dread it.

Preventing Morning Mayhem: Ten Ways to Tame the School Morning Rush - 733 Words

Once school starts again parents will be looking for ways to make their mornings go more smoothly and be less hectic. Although the school year will never be as relaxed as summer, the tips in my reprint can help parents manage their morning routine and ease the frenzy that so often accompanies school mornings.

13 Spooky Ideas for Halloween - 706 Words

Trick or Treating isn't the only fun to be had this Halloween! This article gives parents a multitude of ideas to help celebrate.

Eight Ways to Increase Gratitude - 653 Words

As Thanksgiving approaches families may be wondering what they can do to foster a sense of gratitude in their children. They may not even realize how beneficial being thankful can be! This article explains the benefits and describes eight ways parents can increase gratitude in their children.


What Does Mom REALLY Want for Mother's Day? - 621 Words

Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? This article is full of ideas to give mom a Mother's Day to remember.

Seven Ways Sleep Away Camp is Great for Kids - 647 Words

Parents sometimes feel guilty for “sending their children away” to summer camp. Little do they know how much their children benefit! My article helps alleviate guilt by providing seven ways that sleep away camp is great for children. I believe reading this article would be comforting not only to parents sending their children to camp for the first time, but also to the parents of seasoned campers. 

Is Your Child Ready for Sleep Away Camp? Eight questions to help you decide. - 724 Words

The benefits of sleep away camp are many, but how can parents know if their children are ready to take the plunge? This article gives eight questions parents can consider to help them figure out their child's readiness for this milestone. 

The Importance of Day Camp: Seven Reasons to Send Your Child to Camp - 806 Words

Day camp may be a necessity for working parents but a quality day camp provides plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. This article describes the benefits of day camp and gives parents a reason to feel great about sending their children


Beat the Heat - Enjoying Nature Despite the Temperatures - 595 Words

The benefits of exposing children to nature have been proven again and again. But sometimes it's just so hot! This article gives ideas for ways to reap the benefits despite the high temperatures.

Seven Tips for Semi-Disaster Free Travel with Young Children - 522 Words

A humorous look at traveling with toddlers, this article gives real tips for travel along with a laugh at the process.

Vacation Planning in Divorceville - 612 Words

This article gives parents humorous but useful tips for managing to keep track of your children's schedule when divorce is a factor in scheduling.


Festival of Lights, a Chanukah Primer - 596 Words

Are your readers wondering what the deal is with the crazy spellings or why their children are singing about dreidels? My article offers a lighthearted look at the traditions and meanings of the holiday of Hanukkah.

14 Sweet Ideas for a Fantastic Valentine's Day - 614 Words

Looking for ideas to make this Valentine's Day extra special? Here are fourteen ways to make this Valentine's Day stand out.

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