Friday, January 28, 2011

Now I Have a Day and Half to Sin! Come to Think of it, I'll Just Take Pictures of Signs and Stuff Instead.


I turned in a HUGE project for my master's classes yesterday. I have a day and a half before starting my next project, so I have time to sin now!

Except, I think I'll just take snapshots of signs instead.

I saw this billboard about the SPCA. I have nothing whatsoever against the SPCA. I hear they're fantabulous. But this sign makes me realize that animal best friends are different from people best friends:


Because my best friends don't actually euthanize me if I overstay my welcome. They just start talking about vaginal exercises and hope I go away.

Since I have an entire day and half, I might as well not even confine myself to signs. Here are some trees near my work:


In other happy news, this kid passed driver's ed!!!!!

Driver's Ed ain't what it used to be, and this was an ORDEAL and half! We're happy it's over! We're SO happy that we don't even care if she actually drives, we're just celebrating driver's ed being over.

Not to be outdone, the other day this kid ate a third of a bottle of catchup in one sitting:


See? This bottle was full when he sat down to eat:


Ok, I helped him a little.

Also, I tried to get the pictures bigger on this blog. Although, I'm not sure anyone actually needed to see a jumbo sized bottle of catchup. But that's about it from Casa Twipply Skwood - catchup and signs and big things completed! Here's wishing you an equally productive week!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering if the Rest of my Family Is Any More Sane Than I Am, They Are. We call this Supportive!

Hello people! What do you know? Much to my surprise it seems we have made it through yet another week!

Unfortunately I seemed to have made it through the week without much in the way of pictures. Except, I did get this of that Sweet Pea o' Mine:Luckily, my brother sent this picture. "No what" you ask? No. Just no.It's like the two year old national anthem is just posted for drivers' enjoyment.

My brother also sent me a picture of the ever popular and easy to find corner of McWhorter and McWhorter:I got this photo of my brother's boys Rex and Leo from my dad, along with a note that said:
"On top of Mount Cardigan. Lost Leo over the edge of the cliff but Rex managed to hang on. One out two isn't all that bad."
If anyone's looking for a husband, my dad found one: He really seems quite thorough. The "taking your ex's stuff out" seems particularly convenient, especially if you're looking for a rent-to-own type of husband.

Older Gal sent a picture of a Chanukah menorah on top of a car. I was going to save it for next Chanukah, but I'm on a roll: I would have cropped it and stuff so the menorah was more visible, but the sky was much too pretty to crop out.

Last but not least, a coworker sent me this video.

Ok, wait...I thought I knew how to embed a video, but apparently I don't. At any rate, it's Ellen WhateverherlastnameisthatstartswithaD making fun of this children's book here for obvious reasons: If you're way more video-y than me, I believe I have actually managed a link: Ellen D: Fun with children's lit.

Did I question my entire family's sanity in the title of the post? I'm going to call that supportive actually. And my coworker. We'll call her that too, as long as we're calling names.

Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Don't Have Time To Sin Even if I Wanted To

People are good.

Oh, I know that there are a few mean ones and criminals stuff, but mostly they're good. Look: The-Guy lost his wallet on Wednesday. Saturday night we got it back WITH the cash still in it.

I was telling this person who I totally don't work with and has nothing to do with my job (because I NEVER blog about my job) that I don't even have time to sin these days, even if I wanted to. Because I spent like 11 hours with my nose pressed up against the computer working yesterday, and today I'm looking at more of the same.

So I love people, because they're good. Mostly. And also I love Walgreens. Because it's convenient, and also they have great sales.

You can get totally serious for only $.25! Maybe the people on this church bus have time to sin. Because, look, it has the devil's phone number:And also, I love my phone because although I've had it for two years, I just today figured out how to get those two pictures off of it.

Anyway, nose back to the grindstone - hope everyone's had a great week!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Beware of Turtle

Let's see...mostly around here I'm just doing my school work and saying things like, "I'm never signing up for ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!!!" and also, "I'M SO TIRED OF SCHOOLWORK!!!!"

And so it's a good thing "being a good role model" was not in my top three reasons for going back to school for my master's. Actually, I just remembered that I didn't really HAVE a reason, but It's too late to turn back now.

Here's a picture of That Sweet Pea O' Mine, learning to play the ukulele. It's not really so very difficult.Here's another bar mitzvah picture of my boy:In Texas, where it's totally permissible for any-ole'-body to carry a concealed handgun, what you really have to be careful about is the turtles. The turtles are so dangerous, they have to put up warning signs. See?
Here are some decorations downtown:

I'm sure this gift was a gigantic hit and kids are just a'thankin' Santa right and left. I bet kids near and far just couldn't even believe their eyes when they opened their stockings!
'Cause what kid wasn't dreaming of a flu shot for Christmas I wonder?

Well, back to my schoolwork. I'll be up for air sometime this Spring.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Besides for two trips to the ER, sliding my mom's car into a ditch, and a bruised (cracked?) rib, it was a really, really fantastic vacation!

What with the multiple ER trips (for That Sweet Pea O' Mine, for asthma), a rib injury (for The-Guy, although it was not skiing that did him in, but in a snowball fight a day or two later) vacation wasn't as carefree as I had imagined. But it was still a very, very nice trip.

We skied. We read the paper. We had a New Year's party. Or we helped Mom and Dad have a New Year's party. Although, I wasn't actually all that much help. Sometimes I make a New Year's resolution though.

One year my resolution was to start liking whiskey. It took me more than one year to accomplish, but I'm glad I did it because it saves a lot of calories. Another year I resolved to start saying more swear words, but that didn't really take.

This year I'm resolving to stop gasping. Y'know, like when you suddenly remember that some big project or assignment is due in an hour? My brother says it causes excess adrenaline, and I barely know what to do with the adrenaline I've already got, so I'm trying to go cold turkey on the gasping. That Sweet Pea O' Mine says she's going to help me by flicking me every time I gasp.

I used to put a lot of emotional energy into whether or not our New Year's party traditions were maintained, but I'm mostly over that now. If my brother pours a champagne tower wearing a silly hat, I'm about as happy as can be. Unless there's music and singing and dancing. Then I'm even happier than can be.
One year we even canceled the New Years party altogether, and merely had people over for food and drinks and music and decorations and dancing. And that is totally different from having a party. Because it is. I don't know why.

Here are some pictures from New Year's past:

New Year's Eve, 1979, Little Rock, Arkansas
New Year's Eve, 1980-something, Sharon, Vermont:New Year's Eve, 1993, Sharon, Vermont:I'd wish everyone a happy New Year, but I think I've already done that on my last two posts. So I'll just wish anyone who saw midnight or beyond a speedy recovery on the sleep front!


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