Thursday, June 27, 2019

Winter in the Tropics

Hello people! Over at Pixelscrapper the theme for the month is Winter in the Tropics. I guess that means it must be winter in the tropics. When I search for where exactly the tropics are, I get a Houston I'm thinking Google misunderstood my question.

In any case, I went with this. I'm hoping it's close enough:

This free download has expired but is available on my TPT store.

If you want to see the rest of the wonderful offerings for this month's blog train, just click here. All are free for at least the month of July!

And since you asked, here's a picture of my kid:

She is having a fantastic summer filled with art projects and as many of the Rainbow Magic Fairy books as I can possibly stomach. 

Hope your summer is going well too! Or winter if you're in the tropics. Although I remain confused about that since the tropics...well...let's not make me look any more ignorant than I have already professed to be. Happy scrapping folks!


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