Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Just Go Around Breaking Stuff. But I'm Trying to Confine My Special Breaking Talents JUST to the Kitchen and not to the Road.

My boy had his first ever high school final in Hebrew last week. I had just asked him whether or not he felt adequately prepared and his answer was
Yes but...the only thing hard about Hebrew is...ummmm...y'know...the words

I had to laugh, even though I knew what he meant (that vocabulary was harder than conjugating verbs). But still, isn't learning the words the hardest part of learning any foreign language?!?

I'd like to make fun of this sign more, but...forgetting to pay rent is something I'd might actually do. Otherwise, I'm thinking most people who don't pay the rent probably do it because they don't have the money. Right?
Here's the car I wrecked, the poor thing:
Yes, it was my fault. No I wasn't careful enough, which is confusing to me. Because I was actually telling myself to be very careful right at that very moment. But either I forgot to listen to myself, or I just wasn't quite careful enough.

I was wondering if I should blur out the license plate for privacy and stuff, but then I remembered that the license plate ended up in someone's front yard near the intersection.

At any rate, I'm sure the yield sign I neglected to give all the respect it was due wasn't anywhere near as confusing as this:

I'm actually sort of impressed. One can rarely ever go east AND west at the exact same time!

Not only that, but you can more or less pick any direction and still end up on both highway 521 AND highway 36 going either east, or east and west at the same time. Don't even worry about north and you're bound to get exactly where you're going. Probably.

Last but not least, I had this conversation with The Guy this week at the tail end of a conversation in which I had already listed a multitude of minor failures on my part:

Me - "...and I broke a glass in the kitchen."
The Guy - "Was it one of the good glasses?"
Me - "No. It was one of those glasses you got for me to break."

So see?!? If I can just contain myself to the kitchen, The-Guy is already well prepared. Anyway, happy holidays to all! Hopefully everyone is surviving them quite nicely and even enjoying themselves!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'm FINE! But still, I think two car accidents by the second trimester of pregnancy is really more than enough

Even though I'm only a few months along here, I've already been in two car accidents (one minor, the other quite possibly requiring a new car). In addition, I've already been kind enough to expose this new baby to fifth's disease, more varieties of the common cold than you can shake a stick at, ringworm, at least two different stomach viruses, and evacuation from a building because of the carbon monoxide levels. It's been fun so far.

As for the old babies, my boy turns 14 today! Here he is back when a slice of pizza was as big as his head:

And on his first birthday:

In totally unrelated news, I haven't really gotten too many sign pictures. Despite the fact that I haven't posted forever, I only have this one measly little sign. It's the Kumon guy.

Kumon is a tutoring place and apparently they do so much homework that the poor little logo guy can't even manage to smile. But at least they don't try and trick the kids into thinking they're going to have fun while they learn.

So happy birthday to my boy & hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far!


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