Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just Because A Magic Marker Is Washable And NonToxic and Has Had the Cap Left Off for Three Days

Just because a magic marker is washable and nontoxic and has had the cap left off for three days doesn't mean my kid can't find something disgusting to do with it.



Can't you just see the remorse all over her face? Oh no wait...that's marker all over her face.

Why is it that when you leave the lid off a marker for an hour and a half, you come back and can't write with it anymore. But when you leave the lid off for three days and therefore think it's relatively harmless, the kid uses it to cross pollinate herself with a pumpkin?

Couple other pictures and that's about it until I get to put her in some absurd costume for Halloween!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Let's pretend we live somewhere with seasons (and other activities for autumn)

The Boonga loves reading. Of course, reading while sitting on a digital piano is even better...

And it makes the books taste even more scrumptious!

She also loves a green pepper freshly pilfered from Dad's garden and eaten while standing on the coffee table. It helps with her Physics grades too. Especially the gravity part of Physics, because she shoved the book off the coffee table seconds after I snapped these pictures.

But, Boonga's favorite, favorite thing to do is to spin salad.

And of course after spinning it needs to be tossed:

(No lettuce was harmed in the making of this video. All tossed lettuce was about to be tossed into the compost anyway.)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another potential disaster not averted

Look! Sister bought me a new toy, and mama installed it this morning. So now I have something else to play with in the kitchen!

It's called a safety device and it's made by Safety First. Mama closes it up and then I get to yank if off, just like this:

What?!?!?! It's supposed to keep me OUT of the dishwasher and away from the glass and sharp knives and food processor blades? Oh come on! When will these people ever learn?!?!?

I mean seriously! Just save your energy for keeping me from falling into the pool and messing with the electrical outlets would you?!?!?

(Update - evidently it's not exactly clear from my original post whether or not baby defeated the safety device in question. The translucent strap that she is messing with in the first and second pictures was supposed to stay locked in between the two oval shapes visible at the top and bottom of the strap in the third picture, preventing her from opening the dishwasher. This was a clear win on her part, since she opens the dishwasher with ease even if it's locked.)

Sunday, October 06, 2013

I don't take or process pictures anymore. I just calibrate my monitor.

My monitor partially died and then the one I borrowed from The Boy completely died, so I don't take pictures or process anymore. I just calibrate and calibrate. And calibrate.

Mostly. Except I got sad about not showing off any baby pictures, so I halfheartedly edited a few old ones on a monitor that continues to turn everything pink no matter what I do.

Corn. It's what's for dinner.

Is there something on my head? It feels like there's something on my head...

Goes without saying. No really. I won't even say. Because I don't even know why.
I hope they look better on your end than they do on mine!


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