Monday, October 01, 2018

Dinosaurs - Get 'Em While They're Hot! Or Free. Or Something. Anyway they're downloadable and free for at least all of October.

If you came here for the free downloadable scrapbooking kit you have to look at the happy kindergartener first:

That's just the way it is. We're all pretty pleased with how kindergarten is turning out. Except for the 7:30 am start time. We could live without that part.

Meantime, who knew I could draw an actual dinosaur? These felt elements are very forgiving that way. You can download the kit  here or by clicking on the preview for at least all of October 2018:

free scrapbooking kitProbably I should have considered a few non-dinosaury elements for those who just liked this month's color choices but...this is only my third time making a kit so what do I know? Hope you enjoy and that it works the first time for a change!

Get a bunch more free downloads with the "I Dig It" theme at this month's Pixel Scrapper Blog Train!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Cozy Kitchen Scrapbooking Kit

Hello Pixel Scrapper visitors! Plus anyone else who has accidentally found his or her way here.

I am awfully proud of myself for having produced my second ever blog train contribution for Pixel Scrapper! But first, I can't blog without a picture of the Head of Demolition. 

The big news around here is that this kid has up and gone to kindergarten!

Uniform and all! This free scrapbook kit has expired but will be available again soonish if I ever figure out how to open an Etsy shop!

Happy scrapping everyone!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

I'm a Pixel Scrapper Person Now

Hello people! I bet you thought this blog was dead as a doornail, didn't you? But it's only dying and I am now slightly reviving it in order to host my contribution to Pixel Scrapper's blog train.

But first, I can't make a blog post without pictures, so here's one from our recent trip to Vermont. Once the Head of Demolition realized that people could actually survive without air conditioning, she was all over these rocks, as if she had lived in Vermont her entire life and wasn't a tried and true city girl:

Anyway so back to the blog train. This month's theme is "Kids Ahead". I created my first ever scrapbooking kit in order to participate. I'm hoping I now have it cleaned up enough to be useful.

This free download has expired but will be available again one day if I ever set up an Etsy shop!

Head to this Pixel Scrapper thread in order to download other kits from people who actually know how to design stuff and aren't just experimenting.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Summertime and the living is...with guinea pig

Hello Blogsilvania!

As many times as I have left this blog to flounder, I'm apparently not ready to leave it for dead just yet.

See? Here's a picture of the Head of Demolition with our foster guinea pig. The animal has been staying here two weeks and leaves today. The kid has been here a little over six years now.

But that's not why I'm really posting. I'm posting because I'm participating in Pixel Scrapper's blog train for August. So I'm hosting a preview of my contribution here for the theme Kids Ahead.

Never mind that I've never made scrapbooking paraphernalia from scratch in my life. Quality schmality. Or something like that. This will be posted on August 1st for your free download. Right after I figure out how to zip it up and where to host it, that is.

So here's what's coming up for August:

That's about it around here! (Now available here)

Friday, January 05, 2018

Why Moms Can't Get to Costco. Or anywhere else for that matter. At least this mom can't.

I just wanted to post a Happy New Year photo of the Head of Demolition (now 5 years old) but then I was all, "I need some words to go with it. Because I haven't put any words on the blog in a long time." So here's how we get to Costco early in the morning. Or actually's afternoon now.

-------- --------  -------- --------

Announce that we're leaving and request that 5 year old please get dressed.

Give 5 year old a second breakfast.

Remember that I lost my debit card two days ago. Wonder if Costco takes the MasterCard that remains in my purse.

Look up weather.

Ask 5 year old to get dressed.

Look up payment information online for Costco to see if they take MasterCard. They don't. Decide to go to the bank for cash.

Process two photos and answer a comment on Facebook.

Ask 5 year old to get dressed.

Put together list of groceries needed at Costco.

Help 5 year old to dress Snoopy doll. Remind her to get dressed.

Tell 5 year old she can only help put up signs around the building announcing a homeowner's association meeting if she gets dressed.

Call Trader Joe's to see if they might have my debit card. They do.

Walk downstairs (with 5 year old dressed in pajamas) to tape signs in elevator, on stairwell, and near mailboxes.

Head back upstairs to apartment. Ask 5 year old to get dressed.

Separate laundry. Put in one load.

Ask 5 year old to get dressed.

Give a State of the Bath Soap Address to an appreciative audience of one 20 year old. Put bath soap on the Costco list.

Thank 5 year old for getting dressed.

Walk to Trader Joe's to collect debit card and return two full rolls of Trader Joe's stickers that somehow made it into our grocery bag.

Return home. Get in car.

Argue with five year old about where the Snoopy dog can sit on the way to the store.

Argue with five year old about whether or not the Snoopy dog's toy stroller needs to go in the trunk.

Restrict Snoopy dog's seating to the rear of the car.

Leave for Costco only two to three hours after the intended departure time.

-------- --------  -------- --------

So really, I have no idea why it takes me an entire morning to get out the door. This, among so much else in life, remains a mystery.

Happy New Year all!


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