Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Baby Needs Bacon T-Shirt Giveaway

Once upon a time an old high school friend of mine launched a business (and thus a Facebook page) called Baby Needs Bacon. For whatever reason, Facebook was nice enough to provide his opening post in my feed.

I don't really eat bacon. I'm not against it or anything. It's just that we don't eat out for breakfast all that often and far be it from me to learn to cook it myself. Bacon's just not part of day to day existence.

Still, when I saw my old friend post Baby Needs Bacon I thought, "Well that's just silly enough for my page! I think I'll try and help him out by sharing his post."

And guess what?!?!? It turns out that it either was silly enough or people who subscribe to my Facebook page REALLY like bacon.

I was shocked because usually my Facebook reach is squat. But I started thinking, "I'm pretty good at doing giveaways. Maybe I can help them that way!"

And so this giveaway was born! And look! Here's a picture of my kid wearing their size 4T t-shirt, which they're just now launching!

EVEN THOUGH she has never eaten a slice of bacon in all her born days.

I just love it.

Now if you've hung around with me at all over here on this blog, you probably know how this all works. You just click and stuff and SOMEONE will get a FREE Baby Needs Bacon T-Shirt, in the color and size of choice.

I know you're all clamoring for it because apparently people who hang out with me online love their bacon! CLICK HERE and good luck!


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