Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Tons of People Need Reminders to Remove Clothing Before Bathing (the shower curtains of Amazon, part 1)

Hello Blogville! As I've mentioned, we moved this past weekend! We're short one shower curtain in the new place and I've been trying to decide between the 87,000 shower curtains Amazon offers. I was going to post a wide variety of the weird and wonderful ones that I've seen, but believe it or not the post got too long, so I decided to limit this post to one particular variety.

It turns out that there are people the world over (or at least wherever Amazon delivers) who forget to take off their clothing before showering. These people need a huge reminder plastered across the biggest surface in their bathrooms.

Get Naked.

Here's another shower curtain that will remind you, if you happen to be one of those people and would like a matching silhouette to aid your memory.

A third version of the get naked curtain, but with a little more flourish.

And a fourth. This one adds a swear word. Presumably the owner of this shower curtain will be undecided about whether or not to get undressed before showering but finally decide that he or she has nothing to lose.

For those who just want the basic reminder but prefer a less ornate font.

There are actually no shortage of fonts.

Of course there's one for people who suffer anxiety upon showering.

Here's one for people who need the reminder but don't want to give up on that nautical theme.

There's even chevron!

I'm sure people who buy these shower curtains have well reduced the incidences of getting into the shower fully dressed. And now I have to legally warn you that these are all affiliate links. If you happen to suffer from forgetting to get undressed before showering and click on one of these amazing reminder curtains, I will make like a penny and a half or something. I mean, it's never actually happened but I believe I have to tell you that.

Happy showering folks! One of these days we'll be unpacked and I'll have pictures of the new place!


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