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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Osama may have gotten

Jim Hightower's deodorant, but he didn't get mine!

While I've perfected my
pre-flight purse purge to rid myself of handheld tools, I seem to have forgotten just how many liquids lurk in the depths.

When they asked me about liquids, my mind immediately
leapt to the gallon sized bag of rapidly melting ice that was keeping my sandwich cold. Ice...various first grade science lessons whipped through my mind. "Definitely a solid" I thought, as I confidently offered my "Nope!" No liquids here. At least not for another 15 minutes or so.

I watched other passengers grapple with
ziplocks and surrender toiletries, secure and happy in my delusion that I was more or less in compliance with the regulations. Apparently I was convincing enough that not even *I* suspected that I also harbored such contraband as a tube of lip gloss, a bottle of hand sanitizer, a bottle of spray sunscreen, a packet of matches, and a bottle of spray deodorant.

Now where's that knife? I brought an
avocado to eat on the plane.


Pam said...


You go girl!;)

Micki said...

It is SO over the top isn't it?

Jill said...

Yeah. Guess I didn't look too threatening, going through laughing at my kids complaints & explaining to them that by the time they grew up they'd have to fly naked.

Debbie said...

Watch out -- You might be recruited for Jihad!


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