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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random stuff

The stitches in Jared's head seem to be healing up okay (I mean, not that I would know HOW they're healing, since I haven't taken off the bandages) but just in case I thought I was off the hook, Jared decided to wake up with a 102 fever yesterday. So recently I've spent a little time at the pharmacy.Drug stores are GREAT places to pick up blog fodder, and I have to say this last time was no different.

This is what I gathered from my last trip to Walgreens: If you want a different drug than the one the doctor prescribed, the way to get it is apparently to recite repeatedly and loudly, "THAT ONE GIVES ME SEVERE DIARRHEA. SEVERE DIARRHEA! I don't want that one. What I want is ________." Fill in the blank with your drug of your choice. It seems to be effective. At least when I left, the woman demonstrating this method seemed happy enough and the pharmacist looked...resigned to his fate.

Here's what I love about Sunday school. Imagine wriggly, excited six year old bodies, hands a' wavin', breathlessly answering these questions about Passover:

"Can anyone tell me one of the ten plagues?"
"The deathness of the babies!"

"What did they paint on the doors to mark them?"
"Llama blood!"

And the ever-present non sequitur:

"Once I ate a cockroach!"

I like to imagine this last one as sort of a Texas child's rite of passage, similar to a picture taken amongst the bluebonnets...

Last but not least, since I've seen them on blogs here and there this month, I figured I'd throw in a few words on New Years Resolutions: I don't make them. What's the point? Who ever heard of someone keeping a New Year's resolution anyway?

Instead, as I mentioned on Roger's blog, I make anti-resolutions. And I KEEP them I'll have you know! OKAY! So it generally takes me more than one year, but still! I get 'em completed eventually!

Around four years ago I made the anti-resolution to start liking whiskey. That one seemed important because why waste all those calories with mixers? Whiskey seems so direct. It was hard going though, and took me some three years to accomplish.

Since that anti-resolution lasted me so long, I didn't need a new one until the turn from 2006 to 2007, whereupon I anti-resolved to start using swear words. Unfortunately a year's time hasn't gotten me very far and I'll have to continue to work during the year 2008. Crap.


Carey said...

Your pharmacy story put me into stiches...All I can think of is that diarrhea song. LOL.

Cockroaches - Yuck!

Whisky is pretty hard core, maybe try those alcohol inhaler things...they give you a buzz without the hangover!

Beth said...

I did brandy for a while until I almost went into a coma one night. Now it is tequila, have you even considered that one? for me, generally a non-drinker to like it, it has to be pretty easy to get down and I have never gotten sick from it! The swearing will come back to you, it is like riding a bike, I lost most of my words for many years while the kids were younger but I am finding lots of them slipping out lately so hang in there!

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

The only thing resembling resolutions is a list my husband and I made last year of things we'd like to do in the coming year. Although we didn't do many of them, it was fun to look ahead to the year and see what we wanted to accomplish or try. I think making resolutions immediately makes one drag their feet at it.

Jill said...

Bastet - I never heard about an alcohol inhaler! What will they think of next...oh yeah, wait, heroin... :-0 :-0 :-0

Beth - Tequila *is* yummy! Actually when I made the anti-resolution, I had no idea that there were tequilas for drinking. I thought tequila was pretty much limited to shots and mixing. And I was a little afraid of it because I **have** gotten sick on it. But I've since discovered Patron...

Curly - Is that what causes it? I thought people just overshot.

EquineSpirit said...

LOL! Great entry!

By the way...I have something for you over on my blog! :D

RW said...

Hahahaha Jill your a "hoot" (gasping for breath so I can) hahaha (again) I love the anti-resolution idea! That is the best idea of the year!! Thanks for the shout :D

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! Funnee post!

I did a resolution post but I don't actually do Official New Year's Resolutions. I was doing those resolutions prior to New Years.

If I want to do something, I generally decided to do it..whenever. I started strength training in Nov 2000. I began running sometime in 1989 but I know it wasn't on Jan 1st. I don't need a special day. Life provides the reason for the resolution and then I begin.

DJ Kirkby said...

Take that boy to the doctor and make sure the fever isn't caused by his head wound developing an infection! Then come over to my blog and join in the party.

Noelia said...

I hope Jared feels better soon, poor kid, I read the previous post :(
And I had never heard of anti-resolutions before...where do you come up with this stuff??

Jill said...

Thanks Roger & Sabrina and thanks for the award Sabrina!

MsQ. - Yeah I don't need a special day either. It's just whenever my stubbornness happens to kick in... :-)

DJ - Yeah, I worried about that for about 37 seconds before deciding that it would look red or something if it were infected. I did end up bringing him in though, because a close friend of his had strep throat recently.

Noelia - I dunno, just figured I couldn't really call "liking whiskey" a resolution so I called it something else. :-) :-) :-) Jared's doing okay. He's actually been more upset about my washing his hair in the sink than anything else. Guess I could have offered him a shaved head as an alternative...

Staci said...

What is it with boys and injuries anyway?! I don't even flinch anymore. I just grab the car keys, insurance card and go, LOL. I hope your guy is better soon.

Jill said...

Funny Saci! I might ask you to ride along next time...
:-) :-) :-)

delmer said...

I don't care for much for the calories in mixers either and tend to drink liquor straight. I don't care for ice either. (And I have about one shot of something every three months or more.)

Somewhere on my site I have a photo of my middle child with a Massive Headwound Harry scab on his forehead. It came about as a result of him trying a bike stunt.

Two of the boys have had forehead stitches in the same place. The youngest wasn't able to bang his head hard enough and needed only a butterfly bandage when his turn to worry us came around.

I hope your boy continues to heal well.


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