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Saturday, April 17, 2010

For the Love of Red, Glowey Eyeballs People! Or for the Love of Moths. Or something.

This morning The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken rid our bedroom of moth cocoons while I researched "benevolent sexism" for my classes.

Every once in awhile he would wave his collected casualties at me, at which point I would squeal in disgust and then return to my reading. But he swept the kitchen first, so I'm sure that balances everything out. Somehow.

Besides, we're fighting gender stereotypes along different lines here at Camp Twipply Skwood. My 12 year old boy has been doing his own laundry for about a year and a half. I'm not sure the constant nagging is any less work for me, but maybe one day he'll discover the benefits of clean clothes.

Yesterday he described his hatred of this particular chore with an explanation along these lines:
Him - I HATE doing laundry! I would even choose being able to wash my clothes by wearing them over being able to make my eyes glow red.
Me - You mean you would rather be able to wash your clothes by wearing them even more than you would like to be able to make your eyes glow red?
Him - Yes! I would just put on my clothes, walk around wearing them, and they would be clean! (mimes actions) I would rather do that than EVEN be able to make my eyes glow red!
Me - Yeah, me too.
To be honest, I haven't fully investigated the benefits to being able to make one's eyes glow red, but I'm all for anything that reduces laundry and housework in general.

I saw this sign in a lobby. Actually, I saw this posted in many different places around a lobby. I won't say WHAT lobby, because obviously their password is a big, giant secret and far be it from me to expose that which they guard so preciously:Anyway, I'd be chattier, but I already wrote a seven page long paper today and I can't seem to get my eyeballs unstuck from the computer screen. As I do I have to reintroduce myself to the great outdoors. It's a beautiful weekend here in the land of cockroaches, floods, and the occasional hurricanes! Happy Saturday all!


Beth said...

you should do what I did, make the laundry The Guy's job. I never have to nag nor do I have to do anyone's laundry but my own (I chose to do my own so we wouldn't fight if something got ruined). The kids will get a quick lesson before going to college!

Tracy said...

I think you need to step away from the computer before you have Red Glowey Eyeballs LOL.
Shhhh you let their secret password out.

JennyLilac said...

We don't do gender roles here either - my DH does most of my laundry. He also cooks and homeschools our duaghter, how about that?? Good luck with your paper!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh dear...glowy eyeballs, moths and 7 page long papaers? I'm scared. I only came over to tell you I've given you an award on my Chez Aspie blog. Leave your son's eyeballs and your mothballs here though please. xoxo

Christine said...

If he dabs a little Tide on his lashes on laundry day, I bet he can make his eyeballs glow red.

Oh, yeah, and the "captcha" word is STINGS. That is hilarious, I think.

Jill said...

Beth - Luckily at this time, everyone does his or her own laundry around here. WAY better than in the apartments, where it would have been really hard to send the kids to the laundry room.

Tracy - I did have to! My poor eyeballs felt like I had been on the computer all day. Oh wait...I was on the computer all day.

Jenny Lilac - Sounds good! And thanks!

Thanks DJ Kirkby!

Funny Christine! I'm just happy they're not glowing green! (Like when he scratched his cornea and they had to pull his eyelids all over the place and shine that green light in them.)

Sunshine and Shadows said...

I agree with your son. I'd rather be able to do laundry by wearing my clothes than have glowing red eyes as well.

Too funny,


People in the Sun said...

See, you put on another layer, and no one knows the undershirt is dirty! And you don't stink, because the outside world is so far from your body!


If I don't shave for a few more months, I'll be able to stop brushing my teeth, because my beard will hide them anyway!

Unknown said...

Nudists can just walk in the rain to get their laundry done. Not that I have personal experience to speak from.

Jill said...

Sunshine & Shadows - Yeah, me too. As hard as I try, I can't quite think of the advantages of choosing the glowey red eye option.

People - You're right! That IS brilliant! By the way, have you guys given any consideration to letting Honey teach Liam the personal hygiene lessons?

SJ - Well there 'ya go! All we have to do is move to a nudist colony and our laundry woes will be over! Why on earth didn't he think of that?!?!

Unknown said...

Moths are just a drag there is no upside to them. Fighting gender stereotypes is good. As a single dude I have to do the laundry cooking and so on so it is no fuss for me.

delmer said...

Your son's comment reminded me of another I'd read by a similarly-aged boy. When his father said he couldn't have a cell phone for his birthday the kid countered with, "I'd like a grappling hook then," as if that were the next logical choice.

Jill said...

Ricardo - Yeah, you would have to do your own. But at least it's only one person's worth!

Delmer - I'm sure it IS the next logical choice! And at least as handy as a cell phone. :-)


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