It hurts me to say this, it hurts a lot, a lot a lot. But Austin is cooler than we are. | Do Try This at Home: It hurts me to say this, it hurts a lot, a lot a lot. But Austin is cooler than we are.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It hurts me to say this, it hurts a lot, a lot a lot. But Austin is cooler than we are.

We're back from our honeymoon. It was wonderful and Luckenback is as heavenly and romantic as you all imagined. I highly recommend it as a honeymoon destination.

Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that Austin is cooler than we are, DESPITE the fact that Houston has the world's largest and oldest art car parade.

Houston got these cows awhile back:You'd just see different ones around town for no reason. But Austin got guitars instead:
Plus, here's public transportation in Houston: Meanwhile, here's Austin's bus: At least we have light rail: Austin even has at least one outdoor shower for homeless people (or joggers). That's got to be way better than bathing in the fountains in Houston, or the ditches outside of Houston.

Plus, Austin has all these bicycle taxis: We just have plain old regular taxis.

But the icing on the cake or maybe the whole cake AND icing is that Austin has more musicians than you can shake a stick at.

I think musicians are sort of like zucchinis in Austin. Except that unlike zucchinis, which you have to unload into some poor sucker's car when you grow too many, Austin has special designated areas just for unloading extra musicians. I'm not really sure why you need a permit to unload a musician, but that's the way it is in the big city.

More honeymoon pictures later. After all, like all good honeymooners we toured a beer factory and we broke into a county courthouse. And I took some more bathroom pictures too. I wouldn't want the world wide web to miss the evidence.

Pictures that aren't mine:
Houston cows

Houston metro
Houston light rail


uncle_bernie said... is cooler cuz. Houston tries...and there's good stuff here, but Austin just "does" it without trying. Glad y'all had a good time ;)

John C said...

Uh...your bull has breasteses. *gigglesnort* Colorblind guys have to look away from all that business and concentrate on details, lol.

Jill said...

Bernard - It's so, so sad. But I guess there's just not a lot of getting around the fact that Austin's a college town and we're not. :-( Now later on I have to tell you how right you were about the Shreveport comment. Also, I need to send you a picture. But I'm not sure I have your real email. I'm going to try & do the facebook tag thing, but I'm not sure how.

John C - Uh oh! Now what in the heck is the Texas public school system/textbook industry going to do with THAT, for cryin' out loud?!?!?

Nej said...

Omaha did something similar, but they called them the J. Does. They were human figures....and different artists had their way with them (giggle).

The one by our airforce base was red/white/blue with aircraft wings...etc, etc.

I LOVE the Austin bus. I bet that bus is more fun to rise. :-)

J said...

We have pedi cabs downtown and in midtown, FYI.

Marlene said...

I have never been to Texas...but thanks for the heads up. If I ever go, Austin, it is! HA HA! Cool pics! (Can't wait to see the honeymoon pics! Welcome back!)

Tracy said...

Nice to see your back :) Missed you.
Looks like a fun town, both Austin and Houston.

Disa said...

omg. i have bathroom (and baboons peeing) pictures too! but they're on facebook.

Christine said...

You need a permit to unload musicians because unlike zucchini musicians can be extremely messy and expensive. You can't just spring that on someone.

Unknown said...

Transgendered multicolored bulls are all the rage worldwide (if your world is YOUR town).

Jill said...

Nej - Sounds neat! And I bet the Austin buses would be fun to ride. At least, you could get to a lot of fun places!

Jeff - What a relief! Actually, I had to look that up because I didn't know what the name was, but then this morning when I was at KPFT, I overheard somebody say something about taking a pedicab somewhere in Houston (or maybe I didn't overhear it - maybe it was on the air) and I was all, "We have those! Jeff says so! And I even know what they are!" We sure don't have as many as Austin though, or I'd have noticed them after living here 20 years.

Marlene - But those ARE my honeymoon pictures!

Thanks Tracy!

Disa - No surprise there! :-) :-) ;-)

Christine - That's probably why, you're right. :-) :-) :-) Plus, I'm not sure if they're really as nutritious as zucchinis.

SJ - My world IS my town! So how's a bouts that?!?! No really, I think they are all the rage worldwide. For certain. :-)

DJ Kirkby said...

Looking forward to the rest of the photos :)

Jill said...

Thanks DJ! I just put up another set!

Arizaphale said...

Adelaide does that whole painted bus (or tram) thing too. In fact, my husband was one of the first people to do it here back in the 80s when they decked a whole tram out in 'Evita' graphics as a publicity stunt.
Quoite like the cow.....

Unknown said...

I wonder if the cows and guitars were done by the same artist? Looks like it right?

Austin also has a great film scene and is actor friendly. I have heard nothing but good about the place.


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