Here's the Picture I Get When I Tell my Boy, "If you don't come out and let me take your picture, your cat will probably get eaten by a coyote". | Do Try This at Home: Here's the Picture I Get When I Tell my Boy, "If you don't come out and let me take your picture, your cat will probably get eaten by a coyote".

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Here's the Picture I Get When I Tell my Boy, "If you don't come out and let me take your picture, your cat will probably get eaten by a coyote".

I had this post more or less completed in my mind when suddenly my gal decided a trip to the emergency room would be in order. She wasn't feeling up for having her picture taken this time, so I'll just repost from December. It was the same darn thing anyway:

Except this time she had a mask over her face instead of a tube in her mouth. And she wasn't quite as cheery.

The post I had written in my head had wedding pictures and talked about Yom Kippur. I fasted yesterday and atoned for telling my boy self serving jokes that he takes seriously. It's not one of the sins they list out in services, but I think it maybe falls under selfishness.

For example, once I told him one time that if he wasn't quiet while I was on the phone, I wasn't going to let him turn six the next day and he was going to have to stay five. He didn't really think I could manage that, but he stayed quiet just to make sure.

Here's the picture I get when I tell my boy, "If you don't come out and let me take your picture, Sugar will probably get eaten by a coyote!"

The truth is, coyotes actually HAVE been eating outdoor cats in our neighborhood. And if my boy hadn't come outside, I would have had to take pictures of the cat. But I wouldn't have let the cat escape and get eaten by a coyote. Instead, Older Gal would have held him. Like this:

I'd like to say the wedding pictures were trickling in, because it sounds better than saying we got a small batch. But we got a small batch. And I was going to post them instead of the whole emergency room visit thing. But here's one, and more to come!


Unknown said...

Hey wedding pics that actually show you at the wedding... that's new!

Haasiegirl said...

that cat picture is hilarious!!


Jill said...

SJ - I know! Right?!?!?! No seriously, we actually have a few wedding pictures now & should be getting more very soon!

Thanks Trisha! I'm just happy Older Gal made it out of that with both eyeballs intact!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Beth said...

Darn, why didn't I ever try that "won't let you turn 6" threat? well, we have some birthdays coming up, going to use "won't allow you to turn 16" and see what I can get out of it! Will let you know :)

Tracy said...

Hope your little girl is feeling better.
Nice wedding picture.
That cat is scary, LOL.
I told my nephew that his mom told me he didn't like girl guide cookies, because I wanted the last few...I know bad aunty award. but thats ok I got them cookies.

Kerry McKibbins said...

So sorry about the ER visit.

You look gorgeous! Can't wait for more pics.

And, don't worry, you're not alone. I tell my son things like that too, like when we're in the car.... "if you don't knock it off I"m going to pull over and you'll have to get out." He looks at me like I'm crazy. I am.

Jill said...

Beth - Somehow I think that one will be harder to pull off at 16 than at age 6, but it never hurts to try! :-) :-) :-)

Tracy - That's always the hard part, right? It really DOES work!

Kerry - On pulling over the car, I would actually pull over and get out myself. I didn't really feel safe leaving them on the side of the road, but once I pulled over I had to do *something*! So I would just get out and then get back in when things were nice & calm & serene. :-)

Lara Neves said...

You have good tactics. I tell my kids things like that, too. And my husband is even worse! And the great thing is they're so gullible they almost never question!

The wedding picture is lovely. Can't wait to see more.

Jill said...

Lara - I think my boy is more "cautious" than gullible. I think he mostly knows I'm just carrying on, but he wants to make certain! :-)

Marlene said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better!

Your son is gonna steal a lot of hearts when he gets a little older!

That cat looks downright nasty! LOL!

Gorgeous wedding pic!

Slyde said...

hope everything is ok with your daughter.

p.s. sorry, im late for the congratulations and all! Those are some beautiful pics!

Jill said...

Thanks Marlene! And actually, the cat only bites someone's face off every now and then. :-)

Thanks Slyde! And she's doing much better now. Being the owner of two inhalers seems to help quite a bit.

Janet said...

Aw, Sugar does not look pleased there! Perhaps he is all set to fight off coyotes? But the wedding pic is beautiful!

Janet said...

P.S. Hope your daughter is better now!

Jill said...

Janet - Sugar likes a lot of attention, but he likes it on his terms only. :-) :-) :-) And my daughter is feeling much better - thank you!!!

Creative Junkie said...

I ran right over here simply because of the post title.

And why the hell didn't I ever think of that "not letting you turn 6" technique? Because I'm changing it to 43 and using it on my husband the next time he hops online and buys small kitchen appliances.

(I hope your daughter is feeling better)

Jill said...

Andrea/CJ - Sounds like a good plan!!!! It will probably reduce your need for kitchen cabinet space in the near future!!!!!! (and yes, she's feeling better - thank you!)

Arizaphale said...

Hi Matie!!! Sick girl = :-(
Rabid cat= familiar
Lying to children....I used to swap my half eaten icecream for my baby sisters almost untouched one and tell her we were sharing...does that count?
Beautiful photo.

Jill said...

Arizaphale - I think if it's caused you enough guilt to remember it this long, it must count! :-) :-) :-)


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