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Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Just Don't Want to See Meth Heads Getting a Bad Name

Last night I argued on the side meth heads in my master's class. I don't know why, since I don't even know any meth heads. The-Guy is probably right, and my compassion is probably misplaced. Plus, I don't think the professor truly appreciated it. So if you know any meth heads who happen to be outstanding, stellar parents, could you please let me know? 'Cause it might help my grade.

Almost a full decade later, I am now updating this post. It's not that I feel sorry for meth heads. I don't even know any meth heads. This is from the comments section and the real reason I found myself inexplicably defending imaginary meth heads during my Master's class:

"I think that's what really bothers me, so maybe it's something different than empathy - when people speak about addicts as if they weren't even human and didn't have feelings, as if they were not real people, dealing with real pain and real problems." - Me in the comment section of this selfsame blog post.

And now back to the post as it was originally posted, pictures and all:

Here's a sad sight. My Boy at the radio station. The DJ asked him to help out. There's a band playing in the lobby; you can see them through the doorway. What's he doing? Playing a video game on my ipod.

Oh well. What can you do? (I mean, besides drag him to volunteer at a radio station every now and again and hope it takes)Here's a mom and son having a little picknick tailgating thing. I didn't capture it well, but I like a lot of contradiction...like the fact that this sweet scene with the pretty sunset is happening in a Walmart parking lot.Here's my good for nothing cat. I think it's still called multitasking if one of the activities is a nap, isn't it?
Here's my Sweet Pea feeding that very same cat a dinner roll:I have these things. They got lousy reviews on Walgreens.com (where I happened to get the picture). I think they work pretty well compared to other wax strips. Sort of a strange name though:The-Guy and I had a conversation something like this last night:
Him: I'm going to lay down, but keep on doing your homework.
Me: Oh, I'm not doing any more homework.
Him: I thought you were defending meth heads.
Me: Oh yeah, I am defending meth heads. But that's it. I'm not doing any more homework after that.
We went to a wedding reception at a Mormon church in which the couple's car was decorated entirely in penises in the mistaken belief that the bride wanted it done that way. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture.

But other than that, it's been a thankfully uneventful week. Just working myself silly on homework, baking dinner rolls, defending meth heads, admiring a bride's would-be-penis-mobile...that kind of thing. Hope everyone else has had a good one too!


Nicki said...

Sorry, I can not empathize with meth heads or any other drug abusers. It is a lifestyle choice.
Finding a highly functional, productive member of the community meth head is like looking for an anorexic obese person - the two concepts contradict each other. I'm curious, what did you find redeeming about meth heads? Their potential to be rehabilitated, or that they could still contribute to society?

On a positive note, 12 year old boys seem to have a mind and will of their own - whats a mother to do! (now, if you didn't want him to participate at the radio station, you couldn't keep him from it with a ten foot pool). Your kitty is cute, and its good to see that our cat isn't the only bread crazed feline.

Marlene said...

I'm with Nicki....no empathy here, either.

Would have LOVED to have seen a car all decked out in penises, though! *snort* << that was laughter, not drugs! HA HA

Unknown said...

You are in denial. You want to be a meth user and been avoiding it for all the uneventful things you do. Go out there and grab life by the bong!

Jill said...

Nicki - It's not that I find anything redeeming about meth heads. I don't even know any meth heads. I just don't believe that ALL meth heads wouldn't be better people if they could. It's actually a strange conversation that The-Guy and I have now and again. I totally believe The-Guy that the actions you do when you care about someone are what matters, and yet...I just believe that there are meth heads and addicts of other kinds who truly want to do better by others but just can't cope. It happened in class that the professor mentioned something about all parents caring except for meth heads. And I just couldn't let it go. But it still comes back to whether caring is really caring if you don't have the ability to show that you care. Sigh. I was totally joking with the title of the post though, albeit about something sad.

On the more positive note - funny about the ten foot pole! And I never knew the good for nothing cat liked bread! I did used to have a cat that loved Doritos though!

Marlene - I wanted to take a picture! I had my camera! But...I dunno...I guess I felt like preserving the brides dignity. :-)

Jill said...


Jill said...

OH and Nicki - I'm sorry if my double negative was confusing. What I meant is that I believe meth heads, many meth heads, would be better people if they could. Maybe not all meth heads, but at least some. I tend to be a total pessimist when it comes to what might befall us from day to day, but an eternal optimist when it comes to people's intentions.

Esther said...

Hmm, I so don't have empathy for those that use and abuse drugs...especially when there are children involved. It simply isn't right. For your other photos...it's funny to see the little things that make us smile throughout the day that most of the time don't get recorded. Thanks for sharing a little of your days this week. LOL about the bride's car.....yikes!

Jill said...

Esther - Yeah. I probably shouldn't have any empathy either. But I still do for some reason. I don't know why. It's not like I know any meth heads personally or can really say what their lives are like. But there it is: I feel bad for them, I wish they could figure out a way to live their lives in a less destructive manner...that's about it. And thanks on the other stuff! The bride's car WAS pretty funny...if it hadn't caused such a commotion!

Tracy said...

Sorry no emaphy here either. I have been around alcoholics and drug abusers too much in my life.
Funny I just wrote a statement on my FB page about it. I have very strong opinions on this matter. Considering I am a very easy going person.
Our cat has been in the habit of drinking out of our glasses. Not impressed LOL.

Jill said...

Tracey - Yes, I think the people in your life who have struggled with addictions have been way too close to you for you to be expected to have any empathy left.

But even so, there was that beautiful tribute you gave to your mom this summer on your blog. You spoke of her very, very lovingly on your post. It was clear that you understood her strengths as well as her weaknesses. Her very humanness really came through.

I think that's what really bothers me, so maybe it's something different than empathy - when people speak about addicts as if they weren't even human and didn't have feelings, as if they were not real people, dealing with real pain and real problems.

Janet said...

I do love the cat pics. How does your cat eat dinner rolls and stay so slim and trim? This is my question.

Jill said...

Janet - Yes, defending meth heads confuses even me. But I think my response to Tracy (right above your comment) is about as much sense of the matter as I can manage. What can I say? As for the cat, I'm not sure I understand him any better than I understand myself!

John C said...

Lot of people I know were refused admittance to their children's mormon weddings. The penismobile waiting outside with refused family is well deserved.

Arizaphale said...

Funny, I knew exactly where you were going with that meth head statement and your explanation to Tracy confirmed it! I am similarly looking for the good in people. I guess it's the whole idea that no one is beyond redemption....(in a non theological sense). As for the penis mobile: I am curious as to what the bride actually said which encouraged people to believe she wanted a car covered in penes(dictionary plural!)?
Oh...and re Your Boy and the ipod game? Take it off him. I frequently do this with Small Boy. If he is 'watching TV' and playing a game on the BA's ipod at the same time...I take the ipod away. I am trying to encourage depth in TV watching.

Jill said...

John - I actually thought we were going to a wedding until we examined the invitation more closely. Yes, the bride's father couldn't be at the wedding, which seems sad to me. But then, there are certain prayers that only Jewish people can say in my boy's upcoming bar mitzvah. But then again, his non Jewish family still gets to be there.

Arizaphale - It just never ceases to amaze me that AFM just figured we'd like each other...just like that! Had he even met you yet? And here you are, the one who understood even before reading my most coherent explanation. :-)

On the screen games, I take them away with frequency, much to my boy's disappointment. It happened that this time he had already made very good headway with schoolwork and had already been at the station a good couple of hours, so I gave in for awhile.

As for the penis-mobile, I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I know that the misunderstanding started the way these things do, when the bride handed her brother "a bag of dicks".

Bruce Johnson said...

I had no idea that Mormons were so 'uninhibiited'....always saw them as a bit more conservative than a Penis-Mobile. Maybe Mormons are different in Texas than they are here in Arizona. ...... and every time I see body waxing strips....I cringe.


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