I Need to Take These Nice People Home with Me Because They Don't Scowl When a Camera Comes Near Them. Except Then I'd Need a Kosher Kitchen. | Do Try This at Home: I Need to Take These Nice People Home with Me Because They Don't Scowl When a Camera Comes Near Them. Except Then I'd Need a Kosher Kitchen.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I Need to Take These Nice People Home with Me Because They Don't Scowl When a Camera Comes Near Them. Except Then I'd Need a Kosher Kitchen.

Last week was tough, tough, tough. Nothing really so very horrible happened in the grand scheme of things but still, it was just one of those weeks that left me wondering if maybe that survival instinct is overrated. I mean seriously, giving up would just be so much easier sometimes.

In fact, I lost my entire sense of humor right around Monday of last week and it didn't come back full force until Thursday or Friday, so that makes for sort of slim pickins blogging-wise.

I tried to do the water droplet thing, fairly unsuccessfully:

water drop

But I had a lot of fun with these nice people!

Cactus, Montrose, Discovery Green 024 2

Cactus, Montrose, Discovery Green 133 2

Cactus, Montrose, Discovery Green 310 2

Cactus, Montrose, Discovery Green 179

d climbs 3

Cactus, Montrose, Discovery Green 242

And then that Sweet Pea O' Mine came through with this sign. Things were looking up!

It's amazing how firm we are in our belief that chickens enjoy being eaten. Because nothing says cruising and fun like being fried up for someone's dinner!

On Thursday we welcome The-Guy's mom to Texas after living her entire 89 years in the Washington DC area AND only five weeks left on the count down to the Master's thing AND my kids smiled for the camera! This week looks good so far!


Kerry McKibbins said...

I need a giant mustache.

Unknown said...

I think chicken tastes so much better without the smell of motor oil and grease but then that might just be me.

Tracy said...

Sorry last week sucked for you. I have only had days that majorly sucked, not a whole week!!!
Great pics of your wee ones. See put some friends in the photo shoot and you get smiles :)
Now about your comment on my blog....I was like what the hell is she talking about, lol.
I am altering a box, to hold these suckers in, teehee. I will share when complete :)

Jill said...

Kerry - Yeah, we probably all need one of those sometimes...

SJ - You'd think, right?!?!?

Tracy - Thanks Tracy! I was more or less on my way to recovery by Wednesday. But it took awhile, that's for sure. At least I can't blame anything in particular!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Janett said...

Ha! I love your purple wall and I'm pretty sure that mustache belongs at my house.

pat said...

LOVE that mustache!

Nicki said...

Add friends to the mix and the kids will generally come around. Love the mustache.

Leilani said...

That giant mustache is brilliant!

Samantha said...

Jill, sorry you had a tough week last week. Hopefully this week will continue an upward trend! Love the pics of the kids. That can make anyone smile!!

Marlene said...

I had a chicken salad sandwich for dinner. :)

Reds said...

What a fun photo shoot with the kids!! And love that mustache!

Margaret said...

Fun shots. Great colors.

Jill said...

Thanks Janette, Pat & Leilani! I actually put that one up because my boy wanted it - it is a lot of fun!

Nicki - Yeah, I've never had them just WANTING their picture taken! It was great!

Thank you Samantha! So far so good with this week & we did have a lot of fun!

Marlene - Yes, but was she covered in motor oil and grease? :-)

Thanks Reds & Margaret!

BloggerFather said...

I'm looking at these pictures, and you know what's crazy? That I've known your family for years. I've known your daughter since her Bat-frickin'-Mitzvah!

The Ceol Mors said...

Giant Mustache for the win!!!

Jill said...

Bloggerfather - I think it was even before! And I knew you before you had the one and only absolutely necessary qualification necessary to write a fathering blog! :-)

Thanks Cid!!! That one was all my boy's idea!

Bruce Johnson said...

I have often wondered who would actually want to eat a placed called "Pollo Loco". Which is a chicken franchise around here. I mean seriously......'Crazy Chicken'?


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