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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Everywhere We Go, I Want to Live There

Everywhere we go, I want to live there. Especially Jerusalem. Especially New Orleans. Especially Austin. More or less I seem to be interested in living in the most holy and most decadent locations we've visited.

The reason I didn't have internet last week was because we were in Israel. Israel actually DOES have internet. I just didn't have any internet, personally.

I totally overwhelmed myself with the number of pictures I took so I'm starting with our arrival and the first half of our first day.

In Israel, even the airport is pretty:
Airport arrival

A random burnt up bus. I don't know why.
Random burnt up bus

The Western Wall:
Western Wall / Kotel

The men's side of the Western Wall

The-Guy took these two, me and a running little girl:
Me at Western Wall

Running girl at Western Wall

The Western Wall from above:
From the restaurant window where we had lunch.
AND from below! We took a tour in tunnels underneath. If you ever get to go to Jerusalem the underground tour is GREAT!

Up in the left hand corner the papers in the little square inset thing are people's prayers. That's my sweet pea holding up the camera. Of course!
The Western Wall from underneath in the tunnel

The Western Wall from underground

The kids in the tunnel. They're still all happy with each other, because they haven't had to sleep together in a hotel room for a week yet:
Tunnels under the Western Wall

Here's the part that the tour guide says is the very closest you can get to the holiest place on earth. She said that the women there aren't really supposed to be praying when there's a tour but that in Israel you can't tell people what to do.

The woman in the ponytail looks all pious, but notice the camera. She's actually on the tour with us:
Underneath the Western Wall
More to come when I get my act together!


Alison Shuman Masis said...

WOW, just WOW. YOur photos have so much imagery, emotion, presence . . . I can't even describe them . . . they look like the ones you would find on the Boston Globe's Big Picture.

Janett said...

I love these!!! I'm so jealous, Israel is on my short list to visit some day!

Leilani said...

I am exactly the same, I get attached to places and want to go back to live there! It lasts around a year... until the next place we visit!
I just LOVE these photos! They are perfect travel documentary photos! The architecture in that first image is just amazing!

Nicki said...

These are fantastic captures. I love travel pictures - next best thing to being there. Thanks for sharing.

Marlene said...

Fantastic pictures! What an exciting adventure. Sounds like you had a blast.

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness, what a trip!!
Your photography is stunning.
We have never traveled to far from home :(

BloggerFather said...

You see, they used to have buses taking you from the plane to the terminal, but then, in the name of progress, they built a beautiful addition that takes you up and down and all around, but doesn't make anything closer, so now instead of the bus, you walk the whole way. And you don't have your stroller, because it's not waiting for you near the plane but in the carousel.

And then, when you finally finish the journey that makes the 40-year Israelite-desert track seem like a stroll in the park, you reach a promised land of 10 booths that keep changing from Citizens to Foreign Visitors and back without notice or logic.


Marcy said...

Gorgeous! That first picture is really awesome! Lovely pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Reds said...

Wow - your images are beautiful! Love the wall shots! Can't wait to see more!

Jill said...

Thanks Alison!

Janett - Definitely you should go!

Thanks Leilani!

Nicki - Me too! Although...I'd rather go. AND live there!

Thanks Marlene! We did!

Thanks Tracy! I never had either, had never been off this continent. But now I've been to Israel twice!

Oren - So it's pretty but impractical? At least it makes for a pretty photo. You should definitely, definitely gate check the strollers! I did notice that about the citizens/foreign visitors thing.

Thanks Marcy & Reds!

cbeck said...

I had to look up "the western wall". Skimming through your pictures, I first thought that everyone was getting arrested. I had no idea. As you do "get your act together" and post more pictures, I think I will send my mom to your site. She's always wanted to go to Israel.

Unknown said...

I notice that the wall itself doesn't wail it's the people around who seem to do that.

Slyde said...

i would like to see Israel, but i dont know if i could live there.

ditto for new orleans (for totally different reasons)

Arizaphale said...

Wonderful! I've never been to the Middle East....if you keep posting photos like these I may never have to go :-D

Jill said...

Cbeck - No arrests while we were there, thankfully! It's funny but I guess it does look that way. I hope your mom does get to Israel.

SJ - That's true. Them's the rules: the people do the wailing. :-)

Slyde - I could so live in both. Although, I might have to turn into an alcoholic to live in New Orleans. But I dunno, being an alcoholic probably isn't a strict requirement for living in New Orleans.

Oh Arizaphale, you totally should! Don't you go to Europe sometimes anyway? So see, then you'd be like, almost there!!!!

The Ceol Mors said...

Gobsmacked. That would be me.

Bruce Johnson said...

Either you got a new camera, or you picture taking skills have improved noticably. Love some of the black and white here.

Jill said...

Thanks Cid! I think? :-)

Thanks Bruce - actually sort of like both. The-Guy got me my first DSLR for my birthday in August and I've been trying like crazy to learn how to make the most of it. Then again, if you take 1,000 pictures on a vacation, one or two are bound to turn out. :-) :-) :-)

Unknown said...

I'm telling you somewhere in there is a note wondering what happened to Ricardo on Passover.

Jill said...

Probably so Ricardo!


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