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Sunday, September 09, 2012

I Went in for a Chicken Sandwich and Came Out with a Used Corolla

I'd apologize again about the sorry state of my blog, but I figure real life has to come first and I was in the hospital (or as one of my little preschoolers used to say it "hoss'bibble") for what seemed like forever.

What can I say except that the whole "postpartum" thing doesn't really agree with me? Well...I can say this: One time one of those personal trainer guys called me fat.

And I can say that I fell totally and completely in love with The-Guy on our first date because he didn't have a TV.

While in the hoss'bibble, I discovered Wii Dance Games. But in order to play Wii Dance Games, it turns out you need a TV.

The boy and the guy went to buy Wii Games and a TV. But instead of dance GAMES, they came home with Wii FIT.

As far as I can tell, Wii Fit is like the more ambitious and aggressive cousin of Wii Dance. Personal trainer guy is only kind of distantly related and he more or less HAS to be polite. Because who's going to sign up for membership otherwise?

But that's not the point. The point is that that The Guy and The Boy have just paid for a machine to tell me I'm fat and clumsy. You'd think I could have told them that much myself, considering how much pottery I've broken around here.

But, whatever. Flab-wise, I can still get a lot of mileage out of this little cutie:

Baby was three weeks early, so when she arrived we had not a single diaper, no wipes, no changing pad, no crib...but I already knew what she would wear to her first pledge drive:

Her "Crawl the Line" shirt, of course.

Sorry if there are any repeats picture-wise. I was in the hoss'bibble.


Staci said...

Hope you're doing much better. Baby is a total cutie pie! You have a flat stomach? I hate you. My stomach is big, but I got exactly four stretch marks from having my son. All.on.my.stomach. My poor belly button looks like an anus.

Jill said...

Wait! I said I had a flat stomach?!?!?!? I didn't mean to say that! Good luck with the belly button though. I think stretch marks fade over time.

Unknown said...

excuse me Jill, you are NOT fat! You might have some baby weight but anyone who thinks you are fat needs their head examined!

and not only is that baby girl of yours SO cute, but so are you!

Hope you are recovering from the Hoss-bibble, that in itself is something to get over.

Love, lots of love!

Jill said...

No no Debra! Not fat!!! Not fat at all! It's fat AND CLUMSY!!!! :-) Let's just say it took me three tries to get out the bedroom door and then the guy had to have mercy because he's the one who told me to wake up in the first place. :-)

My 365 Project said...

Oh she is beautiful!

The Ceol Mors said...

I am convinced the WII fit guy is on a mission to ruin the self esteem of American children. THAT is clever Japan, well played.

Glad you are feeling better and posting photos of that adorable girlie of yours. <3

Reds said...

So sorry you had to go back to the hospital :( Hope you are feeling better!!! And your daughter is adorable!!! Don't think I will get the Wii Fit now... :)

Jill said...

Thanks Jo Ann! I keep forgetting your "new" (relatively speaking) avatar and having to look back & see who you are!

Thanks Cid! I had no idea that guy was out to claim the souls of American children. It all makes so much more sense now! Oh no wait...it's only their self esteem he wanted, not their souls...

Thanks Reds - I'll let you know how it goes with the Wii Fit. :-)

Margaret said...

Love the Crawl the Line shirt. Johnny Cashnwas the soundtrack of my growing up years, thanks to my dad.

Nicki said...

Hope you are feeling better and you are by no means FAT - perhaps not in the shape you prefer - but NOT fat. Little Missie is getting cuter every day.

Kelly said...

The baby is adorable. Thanks for sharing the photos with us and no you are not fat!!


Arizaphale said...

Hey Jill...I am just catching up on blogs (pathetic effort on my part) and I just have to say again how edible that sweet baby is!!!! More so than the norm. Seriously! ALMOST as edible as mine was :-D
And if you think post partum weight is a bind...try menopausal weight! I am on a serious lose or slash my wrists campaign. Wish me luck. I have no concerns for you!

Tracy said...

So sorry you were in the hospital, hope everything is going okay now.
Of course your little precious is adorable.

As for WII fit, we bought it years ago, I don't want to go back on it because I have gained some poundage since then, and I don't need a cartoon to tell me "hey fatty, the idea of this game is to lose weight not gain it."
Oh did you get my email ?

BloggerFather said...

There are some exercises in the Strength section, that are kind of easy, or at least the trainer/remote can't tell if you're doing them well, but you still get a 100 points, and at the end, the trainer will say something like, "You're REALLY strong!"

Sometimes I use the female trainer, and when she tells me that, I blush.


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