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Sunday, February 03, 2013

In the War of Baby vs. Safety Device, the Baby is Expected to Win

In the war of the babies against the safety devices, the babies are expected to win. You can tell because it says right on the package that the baby will "defeat" the electrical cord cover:

My favorite part is that you're supposed to "discontinue use" once the baby can defeat the safety device. Because surely it's better to give the baby direct access to electrical outlets.

But then what do I know? I pulled wasp wings out of baby's mouth last week.

In another win for baby, I returned from a 20 minute run to the drug store to find The-Guy struggling to free his bowl of pomegranate seeds from baby's hand, her other fist already fat with the seeds. I helped him get his bowl back as he explained that her mouth was full of cat food and that he thought she had also managed to ingest a little cat vomit.

"No-no-no!" I scolded her as the fistful of pomegranate seeds made their inevitable way toward her mouth, "Finish the cat food first!"

Look, here's the little victor now:

Although she hasn't actually managed to "defeat" the plug covers yet. Just us.


The Ceol Mors said...

Electrical outlet covers are really just to slow baby down. That is all they are good for. Such a sweet little mischief maker!

MarkD60 said...

I just found out the other day that you're not allowed to store babys in tupperware! Who knew!

Staci said...

Too much cuteness! Soon she'll be defeating outlets and ruling the world! :-)

Jill said...

Cid - Yeah but STILL! It's hard to believe they want you to just give them direct access. She may actually have a little trouble with this one - I had a pretty hard time with it myself!

Mark - Oh yeah, that one is a definite no-no! :-)

Thanks Staci! She's definitely on her way there as it is!

Tracy said...

And you call yourself a Just kidding your a great mother...right?
She is so so adorable..a bit of a handful, so so cute :)

Arizaphale said...

I have probably said this before but I was blessed with a kid who DIDN'T put too many things in her mouth. This was nothing to do with me or my expert (bahahahahahaha) mothering, but seemed to be a function of her own genetic make-up. Her best friend however, was STILL putting things into her mouth at FOUR!!! Her mother claimed she was 'just like her father'(??????). My daughter also never went anywhere near electric sockets. Another friend of hers at age 6 months was all OVER those sockets, turning on anything he could find a switch for (eg my hairdryer!!!!!)My child's foible was climbing. That kid would climb ANYWHERE. As soon as she could hold herself upright she was trying to get up on things. The open dishwasher lid. The footrest on the highchair, the sofa, the stairs etc etc etc.....she cartwheeled down at least two sets of stairs before her second birthday. Take off all the safety devices I say. They'll only find some other way to endanger themselves anyway :-D

Jill said...

Thanks Tracy!

Oh that is so lucky Arizaphale! This baby wants to do it ALL! The plugs, the eating and I think the climbing is next. Although my boy had already scaled the baby gate by this age.


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