Saturday, March 23, 2013

We got a Mardi Gras baby. So now it's like danger alley around here. As if it werentn't Already.

Freshly bathed baby - one of my favorite types!

Baby is now outnumbered seven to one. Grammy and Grandpa are visiting! So that means two more people are here who think it's unacceptable to suck on the soles of shoes.

Of course, there are four more feet around the house, so possibly we'll have better luck at keeping her from the paper, penny, and glass eating.

I forgot to mention way back during Mardi Gras that I got the baby from this year's Mardi Gras King Cake! It probably slipped my mind because I was terrified of the incredible danger. It's so dangerous that the Mardi Gras baby doesn't even come inside the cake anymore.

Here it is with a penny so you can further appreciate the actual scale of the incredible danger:

You have the option of putting it in yourself if you want to take your life into your own hands, but I just asked if I could pocket it and take it home.

So now we have two incredibly dangerous babies in the house.

In any case, happy spring! I hope everyone managed the dangers of Mardi Gras cake!


Oren Miller said...

I hope you were on the right side of the munching-on-soles-of-shoes debate. It's not only good, it's good FOR you!!!

MarkD60 said...

Kinda confused by this post. Did you say that babies come from cakes? All my life I've been trying to figure out where babies come from.
Cute little baby statue.

The Ceol Mors said...

She is so deliciously adorable, I want to squeeze her! The giggly baby, not the plastic one. The plastic one terrifies me.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Too funny Oren!

Glad to help Mark!

Thanks Cid! Sorry to put up something so terrifying. :-0

Arizaphale said...

We used to have similar problems with sixpences in Christmas puddings. Until they got rid of sixpences. And Christmas puddings. We have pavlovas and cheesecakes at Christmas now cos we have thrown tradition to the winds. But at least no-one will die of diverticulitis from an ingested sixpence. Or 5cents. Or plastic baby.
Keep chewing baby L!!!!!!!!

Bruce Johnson said...

You slip plastic objects into cake where you live.....and I thought Arizona was strange.

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