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Monday, July 06, 2015

Cupcake Play Dough (Also Known as "Guess what?!?!?! I'm in a BOOK now!")

In addition to me being one of the 94 authors for this book, this post contains affiliate links to the book. See full disclosure here.

Here's my super exciting news for the day: I'm in a book now!  Why yes, I AM just as surprised as you are.  Plus, I had no idea how pretty and full of fun the book would be.

It's is full of over 150 super fun ideas!  With 94 authors, including teachers and moms, there's an unbelievable variety of activities.

Despite the number of activities, the book is easy to navigate.  It is divided by subject matter (such as fine motor, play recipes, DIY toys, color learning, math, literacy, letter recognition, etc.) and even color coded by age:

Clearly it's a great gift too!  Here are the aforementioned affiliate links, also known as "how to buy the book":

Kindle Version - $14.95

And here's an activity RIPPED from the pages of the book!  Sort of. If you count "cut and paste" as "ripping":

Cupcake Play Dough

This recipe is the result of my misunderstanding one of the little girls in my preschool class. She began talking about “Birthday Cake Play Dough” and by the time I realized she was talking about the props she would play with (candles, cupcake tins) and not the type of play dough, this recipe had already been invented in my head.

Cupcake Play Dough is basically made like any other Cream of Tartar/heated on the stove play dough except for one “trick”: despite the fact that I have it listed first on the ingredients list, the cake mix should be added last. Mixing in the cake mix last keeps the sprinkles from mixing into the liquid too much and turning the play dough gray!


1 ½ Cups of sprinkle cake mix, such as Duncan Hines Confetti Cake
1 Cup Flour
¾ Cup Water
3 Teaspoons Cream of Tartar
½ Cup Salt
3 Tablespoons Coconut (or vegetable) Oil


Put all ingredients except cake mix into a saucepan and heat, blending well. Add cake mix and stir until thickened. Knead for a few moments until cooled.

A tip for making play dough with very young children:

Because the cream of tartar will be doing its magical work, you can actually heat all ingredients first, and then turn off the stove to let your child “help.” He or she will still feel the heat of the stove and be able to mix, without such a high risk of burning him or herself. The play dough should still firm up nicely. And if not, play dough is very forgiving in general – add in a little more flour or reheat!

Knead for a few moments until cool enough to give to your child.

Learn with Play: Cupcake Play Dough

Birthday cake play dough smells great and weathers the elements pretty well (it can be left out for longer than many play doughs because it stays so soft. Cutting, kneading, and rolling the play dough into snakes or small balls it are all great ways to gain hand strength and practice fine motor skills!

So that's it folks!  Once again, THREE great ways to get the book with so many more activities!

Kindle Version - $14.95


Jeannie said...

How exciting to be a contributor in a book! The cupcake play dough is genius too.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! And I bet that playdough smells amazing!

Arizaphale said...

a) Congratulations on being published
b)how do you stop them from eating it!?

Jill said...

Thanks Jeannie and Alicia!

Arizaphale - I'm supposed to stop them from eating it?!?!? JUST KIDDING! The Head of Demolition ate EVERYTHING for so long that play dough was better than most stuff she ate/eats. I just make threats about putting it away...and then of course eventually have to put it away.


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