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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Goodbye Sugar Tov

Hello long lost blogging world. I know I have been gone a good, long time but am just popping in to say that our sweet kitty Sugar Tov is gone. This is a cat who would answer the door, always interested to see who was coming to visit. He came to check on me if I coughed, checked on the baby if she cried too loudly. He came when called. He was a good, good cat for 15 years.

Sugar had many hobbies. Playing guitar of course:



and of course impersonations (here he poses as a water bottle):

Sometimes he just liked to relax, cuddle up with the remote, and watch TV:

He never hesitated to stop and smell the roses. Or eat the roses. Either way.

He definitely wasn't lazy though. He knew when it was time to get to work:

Unlike most cats, Sugar was every bit as productive on a Mac as he was on a PC:

He was a supporter of Israel. 

And was otherwise religiously observant:

Of course he was the best guard cat ever. Here he is attacking some vicious garland that tried to enter the house:

Keeping watch from high atop the fridge:

Making sure the mattress didn't blow away after hurricane Ike:

And of course he could barely call himself a cat if he didn't vigorously check the safety of each cardboard box that entered the house:

Like all health conscious cats, he liked to keep an eye on his weight:
Above all he was a good sport and an all around wonderful animal. We will miss you Sugar. 

Sugar Tov (2001-2016)

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Tracy said...

So sorry about your loss :(


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