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Monday, December 05, 2016

Do Not Climb On Top of the Colossal Colon

I was searching through some old pictures and decided it was time for an old-timey type blog post. So here's some stuff I've seen around town lately!

I have a strict policy against climbing on colons anyway, so this sign didn't really apply to me:

It's so comforting to know that the future of our dumpsters is in good hands:

I pulled over right away. Of course. Because it says to sell them TODAY. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today!

I hate it when I accidentally flush my hopes and dreams.

Is this supposed to make me want to buy my child the doll?

I've always wanted to name streets. Like why would this one be named "Way Out West" when it's in the middle of the fourth biggest city in the US? I've always thought streets in Houston should be named more realistically like, "Ant Hill View Drive" or "Cockroach Acres Lane."

This is outside my dentist's office. I don't know why.

I don't understand. I didn't think people made appointments for ambulances. I thought, you call them and they come. In any case, pretty much if I'm shopping for ambulance service, I want promptness to be a given.

Those are some expensive roses and beef tenderloin. I'm pretty sure I pay less than that for chicken too. Decimal points are so useful.


MarkD60 said...

Great photos! A dozen roses? $888 each? that's over $10K! Maybe they mean each dozen is $888...

Tracy said...

I have missed your signs posts, lol.
Every time I see an odd sign I think of you, teehee

Unknown said...

I especially like "ant hill view drive". I once lived on "snake pit lane" do more of these! Laughing is good! Love, Mom


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