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Friday, September 29, 2017

Just the Regular Circus

Hello long lost blog! I'm sure this blog is approaching a final death. But, I've been writing it for a decade now so no need to pull the plug all at once. Maybe when Arizaphale stops for good I will too.

Here life is like this:

The five year old Head of Demolition and I are ready to head out the door to walk to Trader Joe's where we will buy butter to make the 19 year old college student chocolate chip cookies. This is how I talk to my boy while he is away at college. I've tried unsuccessfully talking to him in other ways, phone calls, texts. But my boy and I have only one language in common, and that is food.

"I can't find my shoes!" complains the Head of Demolition. "Did you look near the front door?" I ask her and she says yes. In fact she has looked in every reasonable place and even some unreasonable ones.

I help her look, all the while scolding her for not putting her shoes in the same location every time we come into the house. Do I accomplish this task myself at age 49? No. But for whatever reason I still think my five year old fully capable. We look in the living room. We look in her bedroom. We discuss what happened when we came in the door yesterday evening and where she may have removed them. We look under the couch and under her bed and through her closet. We look under my bed and in my closet.

I go out to the garage and check the car. The fancy unreasonably expensive light up shoes that we spent umpteen hours shopping for are not there. We do another browse of the entire apartment. It's not a huge place, luckily.

But by now I am panicking a little because we are not big shoppers and this is her sole pair of shoes. So to speak. I decide to search the house inch by inch. They have to be here somewhere.

I start in my closet, just because that's where I happen to be when I make the decision. I crawl beneath my own clothes and my husband's. Our closet opens to the master bathroom so I work my way behind the toilet and consider looking inside the cabinets. Just to be thorough I glance into the bathtub and there they are, the brand name sparkly light up shoes. Impossible to miss, really. The Head of Demolition laughs. She put them in there last night for a joke while I was cleaning up after dinner and, in her defense, had forgotten all about it.

This is my life with my tried and true clown:

The other main thing that has been going on around here these days is Hurricane Harvey. For whatever reason during Ike I was fast and furious with my camera, capturing all kinds of havoc to show here. But this time I have been way more subdued. I could blame it on the little clown in the photo. I can blame it on so many more people I know having it so much worse than we did during Ike. Or I could blame it on the fact that this time there was no damage to my own actual home. But either way it's been pretty horrible. We ourselves are fine though, with no flooding.

So that's the news the news from here. Hope all is well with everyone in Blogsilvania!


Arizaphale said...

Hooray! Fellow tenacious blogger!!! So much fun reading about this. She is a hoot! Part of me is jealous ( see my most recent post) but I'm sure you don't feel that way right now? or maybe you do? It's a fantastic age, after all, who else thinks of putting their shoes in the bath for a joke? :-D
So glad you survived Harvey ok. It's terrible but I can't actually remember Ike :-(
How's apartment life?

Jill said...

I LOVE apartment life! I think you don't remember Ike because it happened before we were introduced.

Cascia Talbert said...

Glad to hear you were safe during Harvey.

After taking a year off to finish writing my book I am finally back to blogging. It's been a while since I visited but now I am back. Happy New Year 2018!


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