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Monday, October 24, 2022

Kevin's Overnight Steel Cut Oats

If you've always wondered how our chief travel correspondent's boyfriend makes overnight oats, you are in luck! I mean, they were all the rage not too long ago but try as you might to find the steel cut counterpart, most online recipes are for rolled oats.

The Head of Demolition (who, by the way needs a new nicknames since she's no longer in favor of that one) will only eat steel cut oats. Of course. Because rolled oats are too convenient. So rather than texting her sister's boyfriend every time I go to make oatmeal, I am putting his recipe here with his permission.

It's not even a hard recipe. I just can never remember the proportions. Or how long to simmer.

Kevin's Overnight Steel Cut Oats

6 cups water 
3 cups steel cut oats 
toppings as desired

Mix six and a half cups of water with 3 cups of steel cut oats. Bring to boil and simmer for three minutes. Cool. Pour into mason jars, bowls, or other containers. Refrigerate overnight. 

Serve adding water or milk to bring to desired consistency. Add butter and sugar and toppings to taste.

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