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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drug Store Conversations Revisited

Drug store conversations with complete strangers must be inherently interesting. Either that or I have a big sign on my head that says, “Talk to me about bodily functions and/or your current psychosis.”

It definitely doesn’t read “I’m good at small talk.” Whatever the sign on my forehead, it does invite odd conversations. Perhaps it reads “Unlikely to be judgmental.” I'd like to think that one fairly accurate, although who really knows.

In any case, in addition to my conversation with an elderly pharmacist about condoms, I had a fairly in depth conversation with a young man about feminine products

This guy was seeking feminine napkins, having apparently been sent by a mom, girlfriend or sister. I was going to have to say something eventually, but lucky for me he had the decency to explain, “It’s that time of the month for me.” “Yeah, you got the lucky job this month I see.”

Those products are fairly confusing even for females who have been using them for more years than they would care to admit. This young guy didn’t stand a chance, and sure enough he soon asked for advice. His only direct instruction had been for something “thin”. Just to name a few there are ultra thin and regular thin and panty-liners which are thin anyway. “You didn’t get any other instructions? Wings or no wings? Long or regular? Super or regular?” No. Whoever did the requesting had only specified “thin”.

He went for the Always brand, which I told him was good, because the sticky stuff holds really well on that brand. You could probably use the adhesive for super glue, in fact. Next was scented or unscented. I said unscented, because really unless someone’s told you that they are or aren’t sensitive to that stuff, you never know if it’s going to cause them some kind of infection or discomfort or disease or what. So, some woman in the greater Houston area lacks feminine deodorant this month, thanks to me.

He narrowed his selection. “This one’s got wings,” I pointed out, omitting an explanation of why wings might be useful. “Yeah,” he said, “but this pack is smaller” “Yeah small’s good,” I told him, “’Cause whatever you buy is going to be wrong anyway. You might as well go for less.” “Yeah, you’re right.” he agreed, and made off with something hopefully somewhat sufficient. I, on the other hand abandoned my efforts, having had enough complication for the evening.


Here’s a random picture, just for fun. Isn’t this the CUTEST excavator you ever saw?

Appropriately enough, it’s called a mini-excavator. It seems like a trick of perspective or something, but that guy is taller than his excavator! Look at his elbow: it’s really is leaning on whatever that arm thing is called.


Anonymous said...

You ladies and your complications. :)

toners said...

LOL! I wonder how the conversation went when he got home :)

Anonymous said...

It IS a bit of overload. I mean wings/no wings, super, regular, etc. Good thing he was at least told "thin" that narrowed it down by half. Poor guy. I would have written it down for him exactly what I wanted.

Of course, like anything, if you're familiar with something, you don't see the problems someone else might have.

I read somewhere that we are getting too many choices these days - it's a bit of overload. I look at the skin care products these days and dang - same problem. Too many choices and now it's not just skin type (dry, normal, oil) but also age range ("Mature" skin versus "young")

John C said...

Real men ask the girl at the counter what she thinks is the best female condom!

Someone should have told him to go to an ER and ask for one of those blue elephant diapers they make women sit on when their about to break water.

"Here ya go dear...the guy asked me lots of questions and said this would be JUST right!"

Lara Neves said...

I think your sign must just say "I'm nice and approachable."...'cause that's how you seem on this blog. :)

I'm sure this feminie product guy is eternally grateful for your help...even if he did get it wrong!

Unknown said...

Too bad you are the prankster type the fun we could have had with that boy.

Noelia said...

Always is always a good choice ;)

Beth said...

I thought you were making a joke about the guy in the picture being the cutest "excavator". Then I got it!

Disa said...

buying girly stuff is about as overwhelming as a trip to baskin and robbins until you have decided on your core "old faitfuls"...

Anonymous said...

I often think that there are so many interesting conversations to be had with complete strangers. I think partly it's because they're strangers and never going to be seen again. But partly it's nice to talk to someone that is fairly completely outside your sphere of people. In any case, your conversations seem more interesting than the ones that I've had!

Jill said...

Jeff - I think someone near & dear to your heart should send you out for tampons for that one!!!!! :-0 :-0 :-0

Toners - as long as he didn't get sent back to Walgreens immediately, it went ok in my book. :-) :-)

Ms.Q - **********Even*********** if you're familiar! You may notice at the end of my post that I actually left without buying anything! ;-0 Yeah, I'm always one to be frustrated at the choice of 2,395 different types of razors but then get equally frustrated when I can't find the ***EXACT*** peanut butter I like to buy.

John, yeah that probably would have just about covered everything...no pun intended... (ducking)

Lara - Thanks! Say I don't know how many times I have to do the subscription thing to your blog before it starts working...all the others seem to do okay! :-(

SJ - Next time I see him in the feminine products aisle of Walgreens, I'll try & give you a heads up!

Noelia - Glad I steered him well! :-)

Beth - I think that would be cutest construction worker, wouldn't it? And I'm fairly certain he doesn't get that nomination...

Disa - Yum! I'm thinking if I have to be confused, Baskin Robbins is probably preferable to Walgreens!

Derek - Since you chose against my toilet floor licking dare, you might try hanging out in the feminine product aisles for some top notch conversation. :-)

Colleen said...

That poor guy! He's probably so very thankful you took pity on him because he could have been there for day if you hadn't! You're also right in that no matter what he got, it'd be wrong!!

Anonymous said...

You know, I actually thought about it a couple of times when I was in the bathroom right after you dared me to lick it, but my better judgment (which occasionally makes an appearance) prevented me from going forth.

However, hanging out in the feminine hygiene does not pique my better judgment at all. :P

Maureen said...

Poor guy; I would never send hubby out for that... I'm positive he'd end up getting me "Depends" instead...

Unknown said...

OK let me just say that this ordeal that you describe makes me very happy to be single. LOL! I would be lost and pretty mad at all the confusion. I don't think I could ever forgive her ;-)

BTW people come up to me and talk about their deepest darkest secrets too. We just have that vibe Jill.

DJ Kirkby said...

He must have to fold himself into the cab! I noticed you linked me on your sidebar. Thank you! I don't understand what you wrote though...argue? About what?

Jill said...

Colleen - yeah, between the two of us...I'm sure we had a little better chance, but not much!

Derek - I'm glad better judgment won out. I think. :-)

Maureen - Don't worry! I'm going to start an online course for college credit titled "Feminine Hygiene 101" Sign him up and he'll be screwing up your tampon purchases *almost* as thoroughly as you could screw them up yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no, Ricardo - I have total faith that you could pull off a feminine hygiene purchase with aplomb. Of course, when you got it home it would be wrong, but you'd have made the purchase with style. :-) :-) :-)

DJ Kirkby - that was just my normal, convoluted way of saying I like the title of your book. :-)


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