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Sunday, October 26, 2008

This Is Your Brain While Moving

Ok, I lied. This is MY BRAIN while moving, or "moving brain" as it is known in certain regions of the Southern half of...oh never mind. At any rate, moving does this to my brain:

Me - "OH! I FORGOT!!"
My gal - "What did you forget?"
Me - "I forgot...I forgot..."
My gal - "You forgot what?"
Me - "I forgot...ummmm...I forgot...ummmmm..."
My gal - "What!?!?"
Me - "I forgot what I forgot."

Anyway, I have not made it totally back from internet banishment. We now have internet at the house. I just don't have access to it because my computer is expensively broken for the third time in just a few months.

I'd like to complain bitterly at this time about how much it still costs even WITH a warranty, but I try and keep this blog as bitterness free as possible.

So...this is just to say that my slow responses and lack of reading have had as much to do with computer problems as with moving.

Well, that and try not to get anything fixed at Microcenter at all. Ever. Because you will be trapped in warranty hell for the rest of your born days. Except I thought you only went to hell after you were dead. But not at Microcenter. Aparently.


People in the Sun said...

So you're moving and you had all these problems with the hurricane that everyone forgot about even while it was happening, and who suffers because of that? Me! Sometimes I think, what's the point of writing another post, if I don't get you to comment on my blog?

Unknown said...

Errr people in the sun... maybe she would comment if did post something once in a few months? I know I would.

I forget so completely that I don't remember that I forgot something so I can live happily ever after.

(pssst I can sense some bitterness in this post.)

People in the Sun said...

I know I know... But I was away for a while. I was in a wedding in Michigan, which is practically the end of the world (if you don't count Canada. And who does?)

And now that I'm back I feel I have to wow with my next post, which will never happen, so maybe I'll just give in and write about my new cellphone...?

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am not a fan of warranty repairs either. While it's better than having to foot the whole bill, the entire process (with most companies anyways) is not good at all!

ALF said...

I hope you've remembered what you forgot and I hope your computer stops acting up.

Anonymous said...


I am a customer service rep from Micro Center. We are sorry to hear about the problem with the warranty and would like to see if we can help with your broken computer. Please email me at with additional information so we can look into your issue. I look forward to hearing from you.

Micro Center Customer Relations

delmer said...

My kids don't often ask what I've forgotten so much as what it was I'd just said.

And this will come as I'm playing conversations over in my head and not aware I was talking at all. Many times the "conversations" are with my ex, and I'm not sure they need to hear them. (They are coming farther and farther apart.)

Sorry to hear about the ill computer.

Bruce Johnson said...

Warranties are a scam. We live in a throw-away society. If something breaks, no warranty provider is ever going to fix it for you without a lot of hassle, and your lost time is worth far more than what the warranty might provide.

Sad fact, if it costs less than $2000, just throw it away and buy a new one.

Maureen said...

Hope you're all settled now. I never want to move again. WEll, okay, I'll move out of this chair, but that's about it.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh I have missed a lot! Bad reader, bad!!!! Things have calmed down at my end of the world so I will try to visit more regularly and cheer you on from the sidelines, which is about as clse as I want to get to your life at the mo!

Janet said...

Internet problems are just the WORST. I don't know how I lived without internet, back in the dark ages. Now when it goes down for even an hour, I'm completely incapacitated!! Good lucky with the move!

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your internet/computer back. I'd love to see pics of your new place.

Kerry McKibbins said...

you need a mac my friend.
I know, just what you wanted to hear, right??
sorry, lol.

Jill said...

People - I TOLD Ike you'd be mad! But did Ike (or Microcenter) listen? Sigh.

SJ - Yeah, I figured it did come through a little, but since I said it in a charming way, I thought it would be okay.

Derek - I could have (and should have) bought a new computer with what I paid. But oh well. I'm back now.

I'm back Alf! I'll be over to see you in a bit here!!!!

Microcenter - Ummm...yeah...

Delmer - I'd be in trouble with your kids - I'm the one always asking my kids what I just said!

Bruce - Yeah, I should have gone that route to begin with I imagine.

Maureen - more or less all moved in, thanks!

DJ - Well I haven't given much to read since I didn't have a computer but...

Janet - I was AMAZED at how dependent I had become on the internet in such a short time. I was like, "What's that thing I used to use before to look up the number to the pizza place? Oh yeah, the phone book. Do we have one of those????"

Thanks Noelia & coming right up!

Kerry - I'm actually interested in the mac, but at this point I've poured in enough time & effort & money into this computer to keep it around as long as it will last.


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