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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where's the Chocolate Covered Matzoh When You Need It?

You know life's gotten a little out of control when you're sitting in the minor emergency room thinking, "At least I get a chance to sit down."

The problem is, we've been celebrating Passover these past couple weeks. Except, we didn't really get the matzoh ball soup or the macaroon cookies. We just got the plagues.

We did manage to replace boils and frogs with more modern plagues, but this is the type of fun we've been having at my house:
two fever viruses


battles with totally unreasonable science teachers (refusing to allow make up work from the fever virus)

back surgery (this was my dad's plague, actually, but I'm on a roll)

Two sessions of camp (Okay! Camp is WONDERFUL and not actually a plague, but it still produces a TON of laundry. And laundry is totally a plague in my book)

various sore throats, coughs, and colds

parent teacher conferences (preparation for those will be the death of me)

And last but not least my boy scratched his cornea.
A scratched cornea looks really gross under a black light, in case you were wondering:Anyhow, so that's how I come to be late (and anticlimactic I'm sure) on answering the final questions for A Free Man's Interview Thing. Here's the second set of questions Arizaphle asked me.
3. As a kindergarten (preschool) teacher, how do you feel about the next generation? Is there any hope for the world?
Hope’s really the best we’ve got, isn’t it? So yeah. In fact, make mine a double.
4. What's the one piece of advice you'd give to parents today?
Egads, who the heck knows?!?!?! Parenting is wonderful and horrible and complicated and simple but not always all at the exact same time. So just make sure you use a really good moisturizer at night, because if you’re like me, the stress shows all over your face…

No wait! That’s not it. My advice is: Just when you think you can’t possibly take one more thing, that’s when your kid gets lice. So just make sure you use a really good moisturizer at night, because if you’re like me, the stress shows all over your face…

Oh no wait…maybe it’s…aw never mind. A good moisturizer IS essential. I’m fairly certain about that. Take care of yourself at any rate, 'cause young children have absolutely no mercy.
5. If Obama is 'Hope' and Bush is 'History', what is Hilary?
A scapegoat?

At least that’s what Roy Zimmerman’s song “Burn Goody Clinton” seems to imply. But in all honesty, politics is not my strong point.
6. Who would you have awarded the Best Actor/Supporting Oscars to this year?
I don’t really believe in Oscars. But if I am only granted the power to award them and not to cancel the show outright, I’d have to give best actress to my gal for being Lady Merle & best actor to my boy for being Rabbi Tuckstein in Robin Hood.And that's it - better late than never. Happy Passover! Or no wait...that's next month. Happy "Jill survived until Spring Break." That's a major holiday at my house. Or...to me it is.


Unknown said...

Happy Jill survived till spring break to you too!

The next generation will have even cooler gadgets. I am so jealous of them already.

Christine said...

Ah, a TRADITIONAL Passover.

ALF said...

Wow - you have been busy.

John C said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that's got the feeling of heebie jeebies due to lice plagues, lol.

Every...freakin...year it seemed, until my youngest one turned 10. No idea why, but they just 'stopped' or something.

Anonymous said...

Even though I know that they're essentially harmless, lice gross me out! I'm glad that you're approaching it with such a mature attitude.

Jill said...

Uh oh SJ, and I thought I was doing so well learning how to use a cell phone...and then face book...

Christine - Well, we're a traditional type family, after all...or something. :-0

Alf - Yeah. I wasn't sure I'd make it there for a little bit, and yet here we are on spring break & everything!

John - I don't know all that much about boys over the age of 10 (mine just having turned 11), but I know a heck of a lot about lice, unfortunately. My best guess would be that there's less head contact after age ten - either less wrestling/rolling around like puppy stuff or they all purchase their own sports helmets after age 10, or something. *shrug shrug* The important thing is that it went away! :-)

Derek - Yep they are seriously icky. :-0 I'm glad I'm mature too! Is that because I didn't scream (that much) while I was picking them out? :-)

Arizaphale said...

Well done Miss Jill! Not only have you survived but you have answered my (hastily thought up) questions. Scratched cornea sounds NASTY. Not fighting with sticks in true Rabbi Tuckstein (bwahahahahahaha) style I hope?
Lice in the hair are one thing but in the UK we went through an epidemic of scabies (body lice)!!!!You want to talk about GROSS!! Actually, apart from itching and 'hive' like lumps it was pretty unspectacular except that we had to paint ourselves from head to toe in some hideous poison and have the day off school. (yay)

A Free Man said...

"Just when you think you can’t possibly take one more thing, that’s when your kid gets lice."

I'm going to store that one until the next bad day I have with the boy.

Jill said...

Arizaphale - My nephews brought scabies once. It was quite the adventure. Maybe even worse than lice, although perhaps without quite the stigma...maybe. :-0 Yeah, no fun!!!!

A Free Man - If it's not lice, it will be something. You can just about count on it. :-0

Unknown said...

No,no,no! You are not supposed to get plagues. Only your enemies!!!

Jill said...

You'd think, right?!?!?!? Maybe we broke Passover to often last year or something...


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