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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Take Two (they're small)

Two more weeks of school that is...

It's been a very difficult week here at Camp Twipply Skwood. We might have been more like quadwooply skwood this week, I'm not exactly sure. But I do know for certain that the countdown til summer break has begun!

My gal had her end of the year dance tonight, which happens to also be her first school dance. Here she is showing off her dress:I like this one where she's pretending to fall out of the rose garden:
We had the following conversation in the car on the way to drop her off. Keep in mind that she has been incredibly excited about this dance for quite some time:
Me - "Aaaaw! My sweetie! Your first dance! Well, your first dance that's at night..."
My Gal - "If you don't count bat mitzvah dances."
Me - "Okay, your first school dance at night!"
My Gal - "It's probably going to be lame."
Me - "Yeah. Well...aren't they all."
(I pause and shrug)
Me - "At least, that's what they say. I never actually went to any of mine."
Yeah, well...that's 'cause I heard they were lame.

Anyway that's the story from here...or part of it at any rate. Hope everyone has a good week!


Unknown said...

Well with low expectations come least disappointment.

DJ Kirkby said...

Nice dress. Summer break already? the kids here don't break up for summer hols until the end of July!

Arizaphale said...

Well she looks sensational of course and the first shot with the hibiscus (?) is a beauty. I remember my first school dance, I wore hotpants. Yes, you read that right. What was my mother thinking? They caused quite a sensation as I recall. I think her dress is a much better choice. So. Was it lame??? I'm guessing not.

A Free Man said...

They were lame. Trust me.

Christine said...

The Sons refuse to attend all dances because, yes, they are lame, and for losers, and the only music they play is rap.

I have told them that they might consider making an exception, on occasion, for the sake of whatever girl they happen to be dating, come Prom season, but they just look at me like I am insane. OK.

She is lovely--looks like she bloomed right out of your hibiscus bush. Hope she had a blast.

Kristine said...

That's a great dress.

Derek Wong said...

Haha lame but so worth it for the memories of awakwardness.

Maureen said...

So, like mother, like daughter eh?

Love her dress... and good thing she didn't do her "fake falling pose" in front of the pool... could have been a bad ending there.

Our kids go till the end of June. Then mine (sniff, sniff) graduates Grade 12!!! Yikes!

Janet said...

She looks fabulous! Hope it was a great time! Did she go with friends or have an actual "date"???

Jill said...

SJ - Oh, I'm sure she can manage some disapointment if she really tries hard enough...KIDDING!

DJ Kirkby - Yep, another week. Thank goodness!

Arizaphale - She had a great time!

A Free Man - good to have that confirmed!

Christine - It's funny, y'know, I'm sure my boyfriend would have brought me had I asked. But I just figured, "Why? Mike said the dances were lame." Years later it was not so much that I wished I had gone as I wished I could have participated in prom conversations in the lunch room. I already don't really watch TV, I'm not that great a cook, I'm not on too many medications, I'm not into sports...that kind of cuts me out of LOTS of lunch room conversations. I work with an older crowd now though, so it's not as much of an issue. I just need more medications and better cooking skills to keep up.

Thanks Kristine!

Derek - Well I certainly hope so! I don't actually possess those kinds of memories, so I wouldn't know. But we had to go SHOPPING fer cryin' out loud, which I hate, so I do hope it's worth it.

Maureen - Yeah, that's probably for the best!

Janet - You know, I dropped her off myself all by her lonesome. That probably wasn't the coolest mom move, but whatever...she had a group of friends there AND a date. So...

Anonymous said...

if you will remember mama...i was not pretending to fall off of the rose garden...i actually DID fall. lucky i dint get my dress all gross.

Anonymous said...


and yes. it was very lame. it was "hollywood night" themed and we had fake cut out oscar statues and silver stars for decorations. it was very fun though, and sad becuase i wont be seeing any of the people next year.


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