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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Smile God Loves You

I took this picture because I liked how the optimism of this sign contrasted with the total devastation of the neighborhood. I couldn't quite capture it adequately, but I did get hit on by two different guys while I was taking the picture.

One asked if I would take his picture, and when I didn't take him up that, he asked if I wanted to go home in his truck. The other guy merely called out something unintelligible and blew kisses from the window of his car.

So of course I told The-Guy-Who-Knows-A-Song-About-A-Chicken that I was coming back to that neighborhood for an ego boost if he ever dumped me for a younger woman. But he said that was never going to happen and that he can barely keep up with me as it is. So acting immature for one's age has an upside, apparently.

At least now I recognize being hit on for what it is. When I very first got divorced this guy was talking to me during a religious program and I was all, "Why is this guy TALKING to me?!?! Doesn't he know we can't hear the program?!?!?!?" And I was literally handing him my phone number before I realized what had happened.

I still beat out my blogging friend Ms. Q, who says she was actually on a date with a guy before she realized what had happened. And even then it was only because he told her. During the date.

Older Gal says she doesn't recognize being hit on at all. And I know this to be true, because awhile back we were at the sushi counter and the kid preparing the sushi was asking HER all kinds of questions about roe.

It's not like I'm any kind of expert or anything. But I'm thinking that if a guy who prepares sushi for a living and has the option of tasting roe day in and day out is asking a customer all kinds of questions about roe, he's probably interested in...well...something besides roe.

Right. So what was the point of this post? Oh yeah - God loves you, even if you live in a crappy neighborhood. And if a guy is asking you all kinds of questions about things that he should know the answer to or is trying to get you into his truck, then he's probably hitting on you. Or wants to kidnap and murder you. One or the other.


Jillene said...

hehe!! When I saw the picture I thought it was great!!

And hit on twice in one day--wow (but I am glad you refrained from getting in the truck) (0;

Unknown said...

A Truck??? Congrats you were hit upon by Hannibal Lecter's friend ;)

Unknown said...

... and "God,Smile" is a strange name I guess not everyone in USA can name their kids Paradise.

Arizaphale said...

"And if a guy is asking you all kinds of questions about things that he should know the answer to or is trying to get you into his truck, then he's probably hitting on you. Or wants to kidnap and murder you. One or the other."

Or both.

Now that place in the picture isn't really a suburb is it? Nice sign though.

Kristine said...

I have a hard time recognizing it too. I blame it on people telling me that boys who hit me are the ones who liked me. No, boys who hit you do NOT like you.

People in the Sun said...

I've never been invited to go in a truck. What's wrong with me?

Christine said...

Smile, God loves you, and men love you, too.

Curly Glamour Girlie said...

This sign reminds me of one I see all the time near my house. There's a house-like building that has offices in it, and apparently both a psychic and insurance agent have offices there. The sign reads:

Lower Your Insurance
Ask The Psychic

It cracks me up every time.

RW said...

Hang in there Jill!!

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ALF said...

Kidnap and murder. I always assume it's kidnap and murder.

Jill said...

Jillene - Glad it came across. I wish I could have gotten more of the neighborhood and still had the sign prominent, but I risked getting run over even as it was.

SJ - I'm in Texas for cryin' out loud! Two out of every three vehicles on the road is a truck! :-)

Arizaphale - Yeah, I forgot it could be BOTH! No, that's fairly close in to the center of town. But there are equally worn down places in the subdivision.

Kristine - I dunno, I think that hitting thing could be true. But they don't really let kids hit in school anymore, so who can say?

People - Maybe you should move to Texas. :-)

Funny Christine!

Curly Glamour Girlie - You should post a pic to your blog!

Thanks Roger!

delmer said...

I had a woman offer to give me private Backgammon lessons once. I thanked her and told her I was beyond hope and it would be a waste of her time.

Later, a woman who'd been part of the conversation said, "The funniest thing about that was she was hitting on you the whole conversation and you were oblivious."

To this day I'm not sure. I think she had a sincere interest in my backgammon play.

Ms. Q said...

Huh. I'm glad you're "one up" on me in the clueless department! I'll have to write about my "acci-date" as I believe you refer to them as!

I got some insight into how these things happen to me. A guy told me that I pay so much attention and seemed so interested in what he had to say he figured I was "totally into him."

I like meeting new people and if they seem interesting, I'll chat with them, male or female - usually I'll learn something new.

Well...I guess my attentiveness is taken as attraction.

Good tip that a man might be attracted to you if he's asking for help on something he should know about.

Delmer: she was hitting on you.

Jill said...

Delmer - I'm with Ms. Q. :-) Well, unless she actually does make a living from giving private backgammon lessons, which seems fairly unlikely.

Ms. Q - Yes, you should write about your acci-date! And yes also on the attentiveness thing - I do think it can easily be mistaken for interest.

Thalassa said...

I'm fairly oblivious to hitting-on activity, myself. To her credit, so is my wife. We joke that I had to whomp her upside the head with a Clue-by-Four to notify her that I was interested. :)

Unknown said...

Jill, no need to worry about these terrible things like being dumped for a younger woman. It seems like you both have really hit it off and he's not going anywhere.

I'm terrible at knowing if a woman is interested unless it's very forward (which I don't mind) because "the signs" aren't always accurate.

An no Go does not love me, he (she/it?) hates me. LOL!

A Free Man said...

Hey wow, I always say if you're going to get hit on it's best to get hit on by serial killers.


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