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Friday, July 03, 2009

Sorry Folks, but Debbie Makes the Rules at our House...apparently...

I've had this one friend who, for as long as I've known her, (which is as long as I've known internet, which was early 1997) has refused to tell the internet where she is going on vacation or for how long she will be gone.

It doesn't matter that we freely posted every last gory detail of our miserable pregnancy symptoms or birth stories, giving in depth descriptions of the dilation of our vaginas.

It makes no difference that we've posted pictures of our very living rooms and that I have even posted (probably multiple) pictures of my own toilet. Debbie has a rule that she doesn't reveal vacation spots until after her return.

Our friend Teresa adheres strictly to this vacation rule, lending Debbie's rule an aura of authority. For whatever reason, I have also always followed Debbie's vacation rule.

Despite the fact that I've had house sitters, I've followed her rule. Despite the fact that one would only need to pay attention half heartedly to figure out that I spend the majority of my vacation time at my parents' house, I've followed Debbie's rule.

And despite the fact that my sole experience as victim of stalkerhood had nothing what so ever to do with the internet, Debbie's vacation rule has for some reason seemed reasonable. Thus my tendency to drop out of existence unexpectedly.

So if you're wondering where I've been lately, I went to see this cute animal:
And this cute nephew:

And several other relatives and members of the animal kingdom.

I'm back now with the vibrating boobs post close on my heels. So get ready folks - older gal is putting on the finishing touches and we'll have the long awaited, much labored, very informative booby post at long last this very weekend!


People in the Sun said...

Listen, I don't want to sound critical in any way, but I have to say what I have to say:

The kid is too young for college!

(oh, and to get your destination, all I have to do is get the mouse over the picture).

Arizaphale said...

I would have thought the unpleasant types would be more interested in your empty house than in your destination! Glad you had a lovely break...looking forward to boobies! We are on holiday now too but I'm due in at school to paint sets next week :-( (for the Year 12 production)

Christine said...

Is that Tai Shan?

And, I keep looking for vibration and I don't see a thing. Maybe I am healthier than I thought :)

ALF said...

I think Debbie's rule is a good one. That way the crazy people on the Internet don't know you're gone and can't come over and rob you. Other people who don't read you blog will have to do that.

Jill said...

People - Even though his parents are both professors? I thought there was some sort of grandfather clause for that or something. I totally don't understand the mouse over the picture thing! But maybe it's because I don't have a mouse. Does it say Washington and Vermont? It's okay by Debbie's rule to reveal the destination, because I'm back now. :-)

Arizaphale - Yeah, Debbie's rule doesn't necessarily make logical sense. But I still seem to find myself following it 12 years later.

Christine - I'm not sure which one that is. I was too busy taking four hundred and eleven pictures. You shouldn't have to monitor your boobs much longer - Older Gal is all set to reveal her secret.

Alf - Right. As punishment for not reading my blog, those other people have to rob my house. :-)

People in the Sun said...

I mean that cute little white arrow. When you move it over the pictures, the bottom of the page gives the URL of the pictures, which you named Vermont Summer. Know what I mean? It's easy to get around it, if you want to post pictures in the future and prefer not to disobey Debbie.

Unknown said...

What People means is if you click on the pics or if you let your mouse arrow hover over it you can see the name of the photo which also happens to be the name of the secret place.

So.... Debbie rules?

Jill said...

SJ & People - Oh NOW I get it! To go back to fifth grade, DUH!!!! I never noticed it down there on the bottom of the page before, although I've seen the names of pictures sometimes when I click on them. So next time I should name my batch of vacation pictures, "What are you, some kind'a STALKER?!?!?!?!"

KIDDING! Because the rule of Debbie states that it's okay to let everyone know where you've been AFTER you get back. I know - it's not really a logic thing. :-)

A Free Man said...

It's probably not a bad rule, just in the rare event that someone has the time and inclination to stalk you. If they know your gone, that would be the time to rob you blind. I guess.

I mean if one were so inclined.

Jill said...

AFM - Yeah, I've never much worried about being robbed blind. I mean, I have some stuff that's sentimental to me, but in general I don't think I have all that much that anyone else would really want. The one time someone DID break into my apartment, the only thing stolen was a jar of change. I'll have to post my actual stalking story one of these days. I haven't yet, just because it's not all that interesting or funny really.


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