It turns out I'm a snob too. But only a food snob. Because I hate shopping. And ingredients. | Do Try This at Home: It turns out I'm a snob too. But only a food snob. Because I hate shopping. And ingredients.

Friday, December 25, 2009

It turns out I'm a snob too. But only a food snob. Because I hate shopping. And ingredients.

Every now and again I slap up a recipe and declare this to be a cooking blog. If it WERE a cooking blog, I would name it "The Reluctant Cook". Because I hate cooking. And laundry. And dishes. And especially shopping.

I love food though. And eating (and incomplete sentences).

So that's how I ended up making four dozen tortillas this past weekend. And four dozen tortillas the previous weekend, plus two loaves of challah bread, and five dozen chocolate chip cookies.

It's like this: I don't feel like stopping at a store.

Somehow I always convince myself that it will be easier to bake bread from scratch than to drive the extra ten minutes in the car. Same with the tortillas. They have them at the grocery store, but they're icky.

They've got ingredients in them I can't pronounce. And if something has ingredients I can't pronounce, then it's not really food. Plus, to get to the grocery store...I would have to go to the store. And that involves shopping, which I dislike.

This week I tried to get a picture of an egret on a telephone wire, but the traffic light turned green and I had to go.

I tried to get a picture of a train car that said, "Do not hammer on train car" but the train was moving too fast.

Who are these people who would grab their hammers, hop out of their automobiles, duck under the railroad arms designed for their safety, approach a moving train and hammer on one or more of the cars?

I didn't get a picture, regardless, so I'm mostly just stuck with this one that I took in an elevator on our trip to Washington:I think instruction #4 should really be instruction #1. Because if you've already read four instructions while trapped in an elevator, haven't you already made a concerted effort not to panic?

And also, I took a picture of a waffle. Though I can't remember why:Could these things even be related to the waffles I make with butter and flour and egg, all delicate and crispy and steaming hot off the waffle iron?

I think I'll just stay a reluctant cook so I don't have to find out.

Happy Christmas to 33% of the world! I hope you're enjoying all kinds of Christmas baked goods that didn't come in plastic wrap!

My next post will probably be either late or picture free or both since I will be traveling.


People in the Sun said...

"OK! BUT SHOULD I PANIC? Oh. I shouldn't panic. Phew."

Happy New Year (can we say that now?)

Arizaphale said...

I saw a label recently and thought of you and wanted to take a picture but I didn't have my camera (my phone is camera-less...shock horror) so I didn't take a picture and I can't even remember what it was it said now. But I did think of you :-)
Merry Christmas to all the train hammerers out there!!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh well I was going to give you some of my mom's recipes but then they might need asafoetida as an ingredient.

Loraine said...

Some days I love to cook. Other days I can't stand it. but you-re right- home baked bread is a billion times better than store bought.

ALF said...

You're funny.

Bruce Johnson said...

The emergency sign in the elevator, sort of reminds me of common sense, which is lacking in much of the world. Like in Utah, where they have EXTRA warnings on beer, stating (Warning, this beverage contains Alcohol). Well is BEER!

P.S. Please participate in my blog roll questionaire....I value your input.

Kerry McKibbins said...

Have I mentioned lately that I love your blog.
Can you please move to NY and live next door to me.
Hey - I just reread that. A little creepy,right? Lol,sorry.

Jill said...

People - It's nice to have the explicit instructions, isn't it? In fact, I might need to reread The Hitchhiker's Guide before riding in any more elevators...

Arizaphale - Glad to know you think of me when you see the ridiculous. :-) I do hope the train hammerers out there had a merry Christmas. Whoever they are.

SJ - I'll admit to having to cheat to a certain extent by asking my good friend Google, but I'm sure I could TOTALLY learn to pronounce asafoetida. It's more things along the lines of preservatives, artificial colorings and flavors that scare me.

I'm absolutely fine with cooking with anything that is also known as "Devil's Dung"! Ok, so I asked Wikipedia too!

Loraine - Yeah. I don't understand why they go through all the trouble at the Kroger grocery store to make the tortillas LOOK so authentic with the woman standing there making them. But then when you TASTE them, they're just like any other preservative filled garbage they have on the "bakery" shelves. A little fresher, but still designed to be able to spend a week on your counter top. Ick.

Thanks Alf. :-)

Bruce - Yeah. You'd think common sense would be more...common. I just got back from my mom & dad's - I'll take a look at your link!

Thanks Kerry! I think you should move down here though instead. Not as much snow & ice. :-)

Kristine said...

You make tortillas from scratch? I am in awe.


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