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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thousands of People Flock to Houston to Smell Death

Here's my first video! I think it's my first video. Once I tried to take one of a bird, but I don't think it worked. This is my good for nothing cat in the clean, warm towels from the drier.

At least it's mercifully short.

Did you know that sometimes if you take pictures in some grocery stores, they threaten to kick you out of the store? Yeah, me neither. Now I know. Gotta be more stealthy, apparently.

Seems like they'd be shooting themselves in the foot though, because no matter how good their price on blueberries, there's still another grocery store just down the road.

Besides, how much different could Latino laundry be from plain laundry anyway?And who the heck cleans with pet snacks?!?!?!

Here's that other cat I never talk about:Here's how I painted my fingernails for July 4th.All of that is fantabulous and wonderful and it probably makes you want to up and rent a U-Haul and move to Houston.

But you know what's REALLY making people flock to Houston these days? A flower that looks like a penis and smells like a corpse. The radio program from last week said this about the flower:

"The scientific name is amorphophallus titanum which means, if I can say this on air, a giant shapeless or misshapen penis or phallus."

And my favorite:
"Surrounding that is a leafy collar of purple. It's not a radiant, velvet purple but rather a murky, gloomy purple. It's the purple of decomposing flesh."
Seriously, thousands of people have been watching it for a week now, waiting for it to bloom so it can stink more than it already does.

When I'm at that museum, I can't even wait around long enough to see the giant pendulum knock over one of those little rock pyramids.Twenty years I've been going to that museum, and I've never had the patience to see a stone fall over. But, whatever. The stink of corpse must be worth the wait.

Flower Photo
Pendulum Photo


Nej said...

I feel myself wanting to drive/fly down....bring a lawn chair (and maybe a sack lunch), set up shop, and wait for a pyramid to get knocked over! :-)

imelda said...

Thanks for using my photo and crediting me :D

I haven't seen the stinky flower yet.

Marcie said...

People are so weird, watching and waiting for a stinky flower to open!

Arizaphale said...

Congrats on your first video!! Why are cats only ever cute when the camera is off??????

Marlene said...

LOL!!! You have the most interesting blog posts!!! Oh, to crawl into your brain for a minute!

Disa said...

i'd move there just for the fingernails. when are you posting more wedding shit? i want to see "the dress". or friend you on facebook.

Jill said...

Nej - While you're there, you should take a whiff of the decomposing flesh flower that looks like a penis!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Imelda - Thank you!!! It was hands down the best I saw!!!!

Marcie - Ain't they though?

Arizaphale - I don't know. Sugar sure does his best work off camera though, that's for certain.

Thanks Marlene! (I think). :-)

Disa - I'm not sure, whenever we get pictures. Hopefully soon, but we leave for a honeymoon in about a week, so I don't know if we'll have any by then. I do want to tell the wedding story of one of my girlfriends threatening The-Guy with a gun...

Nej said...

The smelly flower cracks me up. My brother in law is a biology major, and he has all of these plants all over my sisters house. For a while each year, I refuse to go to their smells something horrible. He's probably one of those guys that waits for your penis flower to do it's thing. (giggle)

Tracy said...

Mrs. Stinky penis flower must be so happy that it takes Mr. Stinky penis flower so long to bloom ;)

John C said...

The fingernails are cute, you did a great job on them (I am so not saying why/how).

One of the reasons stores have issue is fear of suit risks, competitors using the shots, etc, etc.

They hate it when I try to get pictures of rhubarb...crap goes for $6/lb sometimes here.

Jill said...

Nej - I'll say hi to him if I make it up to the museum!!! :-) :-) :-)

Funny Tracy!

John C - Yeah, I figured that was the case. See if I go to THAT grocery store anymore! Just kidding. If I go there again, I'll just have to be a little more discreet with the camera. Because I didn't even get the picture of the other Latino laundry detergent that I wanted to!!!!

Kerry McKibbins said...

You need to write a book - so funny!!!
I think you have a future in film.

Unknown said...

Does The Other Cat have eyes of different colors or did you just take bad pic?

Glad to hear that "Saying it with flowers" now works for those who want skip the courtship phase too!!!

Janet said...

Where do you get this stuff, Jill??? lol Now, I can relate to the cat-in-the-towels thing. They seem to know when towels (as opposed to clothes) come out of the dryer and sit there waiting!

Jill said...

Thanks Kerry! As for the film, I don't know...I thought youtube was chock full of cats doing semi-cute things?!? :-)

Funny SJ!!!!!! And on the cat's eyes - I got a couple of better pictures yesterday. He had been locked in a bedroom for a couple of days and so I guess he was ready for some human contact and I got better pictures. I think cats eyes are hard to get pictures of because cameras maybe are made for people eyes? It's like there's a people red eye setting but no cat eye setting. At least on my camera.

Janet - The stinky plant I KEPT hearing about on NPR! I mean, it was like, all over the news AND the newspaper!!!!!!! It wasn't a matter of finding it, I couldn't get away!


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