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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yet Another Reminder that Satan Controls All Fun

Jesus is practically BEGGING me to alienate every last Christian that I know. Apparently. Actually, I'm probably not limiting myself to alienating Christians, but what can I do when this sign is only a few traffic lights from my house?

At any rate, anyone remember how satan controls all fun? I think the person who thought up that church sign got fired, because every time I pass by that church these days, it says something boring like, "Visit us on Sunday!"

Or maybe the guy who thought up that sign just moved to a different church. Like maybe this church, where original thought for the day reads as so:

I call it "original" because I thought that people who interpret God's words for the masses steered away from what could possibly be misconstrued as innuendo. But I could be wrong. And after all, giving away and selling are nothing alike whatsoever.

The sign flips back and forth between that and this:

I guess that's for when people get confused by the whole "used and abused" theme and wonder what kind of establishment they've stumbled upon.

On that happy note, school started for teachers last week and yesterday was the first day of school for the kids, so that more or less explains my recent disappearance. A guest post by my Sweet Pea is in the works, but I have to wait until she's home to post.


pat said...

I love the signs you find. I have a stash of some fun ones, but yours are the BEST!!

Amanda said...

Maybe Satan controls the fun when you are giving yourself away to be used??

These signs should have to go through a committee before going live, but then you wouldn't have nearly as many fun posts :)

The Ceol Mors said...

It can't be wrong to make fun of Churchsigns. Why else would they give you such rich material to work with? Besides, everyone liked Jesus. He was very popular and I bet it wasn't just because he could turn water into wine. I'll bet you anything he had a wicked sense of humor.

Jill said...

Thanks Pat!

Amanda I think that's it! That should definitely be a motto for some church somewhere. "Satan controls the fun when you're giving yourself away to be used."

Cid - Yeah, I was hoping that was the case and I almost typed in, "If God didn't want me to have a laugh at the expense of this church sign, why is it only a few blocks from my house?!?!?!" But then that reasoning didn't really make sense, because there are actually PLENTY of ways to sin within a few blocks of my house.

Tracy said...

LMAO, how I love this one, lol.

Kristy doesn't go back to school until Sept 8th. I guess thats what happens when you live in a cold climate, we try to get the most out of our summer.

Esther said...

LOL, maybe they shouldn't be putting comments up like that that make people even that a church?! HAHAHA, anyway, funny stuff.

Jill said...

Tracy - Yeah! You guys need every day of summer you can get! Here it will still be insanely hot for awhile yet most likely.

Thanks Esther!

Arizaphale said...

Alright, I know I am losing it now. I am obviously way too immersed in the whole happy clappy environment of my school because I looked at that sign and thought......what's so funny about that???? I TOTALLY missed the innuendo which is damning proof of my middle age (along with my burgeoning waistline:-(...)BUT, the good news is I loved the 'BTW' note which totally cracked me up because after all if you call yourself 'Master Plan' exactly wtf IS the nature of your business? Architects?
The lunatic fringe spend waaaaaay too much (ill advised) money on marketing strategy I reckon. What happened to calling your church..'Smithfield Church'. Unless of course you don't live in Smithfield. Because that would be just silly :-D

Unknown said...

Don't y'all reckon that "if" oughta be a "in case"
- Texan Fred

Kerry McKibbins said...

Ok, that's it. You need to move up here to NY. We're NORMAL compared to the crazies you live around.

Slyde said...

i cant imagine a church putting something like that up on a billboard... thats nuts.

Jill said...

Oh dear! I didn't realize I was so behind in repsponding? What can I say besides,

Arizaphale - Stick with me! I'll teach you how to read church signs in a perverted way!

Thanks for the grammar tip Fred!

Kerry - Oh! So this is abnormal?!? :-)

Slyde - Yeah. I thought it was kind of strange too.

MarkD60 said...

Here in Cayman, there are church ladies, who wear big big hats to church, like big flower assortments and fruit baskets and stuff on them.

If you like signs, check out a website called

Janet said...

I can't believe those church signs!!!


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