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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Babies Like to Live Dangerously. Those daredevils are always on the edge!!

Colic seems to be abating a little around here. Part of this poor kid's problem is that she wants to do everything they don't let babies do anymore. She wants very badly to sleep on her stomach (SIDS risk). She wants to be extra bundled and warm (more SIDS risk), and she wants to use her baby products inappropriately.

For example, she loves to sit on a this baby pillow on the bed and watch the ceiling fan. She smiles at the ceiling fan. She talks to the ceiling fan. My dad says she speaks fan-ese. The-Guy says she's a fan fan.

Unfortunately, she's taking a deathly risk with this seemingly innocuous activity.

Here's a picture of the pillow with the warning label on the front.

Other warning labels hang off the back. It's a VERY VERY dangerous product! And one of the warnings clearly says, "Do not use in crib, cradle, bassinet, playpen, play yard, bed, or on any elevated surface."

ALL her products are equally likely to kill her. Apparently.

She loves this play gym:

It's every bit as dangerous as her pillow though:

In fact, ALL her baby paraphernalia has umpteen warnings of your child's untimely demise.

The labels should really just say, "Watch your kid you idiot! And don't blame us when tragedy strikes because we TOLD you this product was intended to knock off your baby!"

So that's the story from around here. The colic is getting a little better and all her toys want to kill her off.
She's getting more resigned to the fact though, and dare I say even happy now and again?


Nicki said...

It is sad the extent to which things have to be labeled - but after hot coffee/McDonalds, such is life. Your little girl is absolutely adorable.

Tracy said...

Don't you know you have to keep you child in a room with nothing in it so they can't hurt themselves.
Its not like the good ol' days when you could give them a milk bone for teething, lol.
Just so you know I never owned a dog so my girls didn't really get to enjoy

Beth said...

I told you fans are the bomb, you can eat out anywhere as long as they have fans, that is what we did if we wanted to go out to eat! have you tried the Baby Einstein DVDs? if she likes fans she will most likely enjoy these as well! glad she is calming down a bit!

Anonymous said...

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BloggerFather said...

I remember the first time I used a dryer sheet with the kids' clothes. The book said not to do that because it reduces the flame resistance, but I really wanted to use a dryer sheet. Sure, I couldn't practice my torch-juggling around the baby anymore, but I guess that's the price we have to pay.

The Ceol Mors said...

She is so stinking CUTE!?!?! How can you do anything but just stare at her all day. So glad the colic is getting better.

Jill said...

Thanks Nicki!

Funny Tracy!

Yeah, Beth you were definitely right - Chick fil a needs ceiling fans. Although I'm not sure ANYTHING can help her at that time of night. We ate dinner at 3:30 pm yesterday just so we didn't have to try & eat during the "witching hour"!!! :-)

Funny Blogger Father! I don't use dryer sheets and actually Lielle doesn't have any fire resistant jammies either, so I guess I can continue my torch juggling!

Thanks Cid! I do spend plenty of time staring at her. :-)

Arizaphale said...

Glad to see a few colicky bubbles coming up there in that last photo. Better out than in I say!!! As for booby trapped baby products and watching your kid....can I stop now? I mean, she's 17. Can I please stop now?????????

Anonymous said...

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Jill said...

Funny Arizaphale! All I can say is, I sure hope so! :-) :-) :-)

Slyde said...

yeah, i guess putting the pillow on anything higher than 6 inches off the ground should be implicitly labelled.

p.s. i'm wearing that same outfit right now!

Kerry McKibbins said...

omg, she is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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John said...

Hilarious how a cute kid seen by everyone is at risk by the 0.0001% who get too much attention.

I should visit the same cabbage patch next time. :)

Jill said...

You must look adorable Slyde!

Thanks Kerry & Thanks Dr. Zibbs!

John...I'm not sure I understand your comment, but I'm pretty sure you called my kid cute, so thank you!


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