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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Staph and an Altered Cigar Box

If you happened to see my home renovations post on Mrs. Muffintop, you will know that in order to stay out of the workers' way, our Head of Security and Head of Demolition have been landing us luxurious vacation spots in various emergency rooms and doctors' offices in and around the city.

Not to be outdone by her sister and stepbrother, our Editor in Chief kindly took over for last weekend.  I'll spare the gory details in order to spare her oft guarded privacy, but suffice it to say that it involved an ambulance.

Then yesterday we were right back at the hospital. I rushed the Security Officer there for his fifth outbreak of staph since late December.  Unlike when he got the 24 stitches in his forehead (only click here if you're not easily grossed out), I spared everybody the picture.

You're welcome.

I was in the middle of bringing you my late-ex-grandmother-in-law Olga's delicious tortilla recipe when the Head of Security brought his rather aggressive staph infection to my attention.

The point is...I'm done for.  And I figured it was easier to post pictures of a altered cigar box than to try and finish up a fairly complicated recipe.  Enjoy!

Altered Cigar Box - first layer of scrapbooking paper: Do Try This at Home

Crackle Paint on Altered Cigar Box: Do Try This at Home

Altered Cigar Box - sealed: Do Try This at Home

Always let a toddler help:

Toddler helps alter cigar box: Do Try This at Home

Why did I bring it outside this time to photograph?  I don't know.

Altered cigar box with embellishments

Finished, and ready for the toddler to destroy!  She's already managed to pop off some of the little baubles from the front.

Almost Steam Punk Cigar Box: Do Try This at Home

So anyway...tortilla recipe coming soon.  

Altered Cigar Box: Do Try This at Home


Angie Forte said...

This is so cool! I love all the baubles you parts are my favorite :) I hope your son is better soon! Thanks for sharing at Something To Talk About!!

Jill said...

Thanks Angie!!! So far he's been off the antibiotics for two days and doing okay - knock wood!!!!


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