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Sunday, January 03, 2016

DIY Foaming Hand Soap and Foaming Bath Soap

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I never like to buy foaming hand soap, because I feel like I'm just paying 5 times more for the amount of soap that I'm getting. I had a hard time looking up the soap-to-water ratio in order to make my own, so when I finally got it right, I figured I would post it here to save for all time!

foaming hand soap body wash

I bought these foaming soap dispensers from Amazon.  You can also just recycle and old foaming dispenser, but they tend to give out after a few refills.

InterDesign Metro Aluminum Foaming Soap Dispenser

I buy whichever liquid soap is on sale, but this is the soap I like best because it's gentle and unscented and I can add in the essential oils I want for scent:

Foaming Hand Soap

1 Part Castille or liquid soap
5 Parts Water

Foaming Body Wash

1 Part Castille or liquid soap
4 Parts Water
1 Part Cooking Oil (olive or avocado works nicely)
Essential oils if desired (5-10 drops)

Instructions: Mix all ingredients into foam soap dispenser. I also usually shake gently before using the body wash because of the whole oil and water not mixing thing. Happy sudsing!

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Renz said...

Definitely trying the body wash. Seem to be having a reaction to the store brand ones all of a sudden


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