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Friday, January 08, 2016

Paper Bag Tree Activity for Tu B'Shevat

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One of my favorite Tu B'Shevat activities is a paper bag tree in blossom. They're SO easy and fun! There's no glue or other adhesive necessary since the packing peanuts stick all by themselves when wet.

~ Colored biodegradable packing peanuts such as these from Amazon  (or just any leftovers)
~ Brown paper lunch sacks

1) Open lunch sack.

2) Squash the middle of the sack to make the trunk.
3) Tear about four or five strips into the top of the sack to make branches. This part requires adult help for the very little ones.

4) Squish to mold the branches.
5) Very lightly wet each of the packing peanuts and put them on the tree as blossoms. This is the hardest part since kids tend to want to wet the packing peanuts enough to dissolve them. I sometimes just have them press the peanut against a sponge instead of fully wetting it.

The finished tree:

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